Billy Says... Series of 6 books
Release Date:21 Jul 2015

Billy Says... Series of 6 books

Six therapeutic storybooks to help children on their journey through fostering or adoption

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

This series of six picture books guides children through a range of issues relating to fostering and adoption by focusing on the experiences of a five-year-old girl called Kirsty and her magic doll Billy. Billy talks to Kirsty, explains what is happening to her and explores Kirsty's feelings during her journey from an abusive home to a loving adoptive family.

In the series, Billy says...

· Book 1 "It's not your fault" explores children's feelings when they are living in neglectful families.

· Book 2 "You should be taken care of" covers fears around moving into foster care.

· Book 3 "Foster carers can help" explains what happens when children move into foster care.

· Book 4 "What you think matters" covers courts and the planning process.

· Book 5 "Waiting can be hard" focuses on waiting for an adoptive family.

· Book 6 "Living as a new family takes practice" explores living with an adoptive family.

This set is ideal for use by social workers, foster carers, adoptive parents and counsellors to help children aged 3-8 to understand the fostering and adoption process and to cope with the complex feelings that can arise.

I enjoyed reading them and sharing them with my children and I would recommend them as a tool for talking to allowed us all to talk about our feelings in a safe and non-threatening way.

– Review by adoptive mum of 4 children in Adoption Today

...they are very moving and sensitively written.

– Jacqueline Wilson

...they're beautifully produced and very child friendly.

– Dr Miriam Stoppard

Joanne Alper is Director of Services at Adoptionplus. She is a qualified social worker and play therapist with experience spanning 25 years. Joanne played a leading role in establishing Adoptionplus as a highly regarded voluntary adoption agency. Joanne is also the author of All About Mummies and Daddies and Assessing Adoptive and Foster Parents: Improving Analysis and Understanding of Parenting Capacity, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
Book 1. It's Not Your Fault. Book 2. You Should Be Taken Care Of. Book 3. Foster Carers Can Help. Book 4. What You Think Matters. Book 5. Waiting Can Be Hard. Book 6. Living As A New Family Takes Practice.
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