Birds of British Columbia, Volume 3
696 pages, 9 x 12
Over 1,000 full-colour illustrations
Release Date:11 Mar 1997
Release Date:01 Oct 2007

Birds of British Columbia, Volume 3

Passerines - Flycatchers through Vireos

UBC Press

British Columbia has one of the richest assemblages of bird species in the world. The four volumes of The Birds of British Columbia provide unprecedented coverage of this region's birds, presenting a wealth of information on the ornithological history, habitat, breeding habits, migratory movements, seasonality, and distribution patterns of each of the 472 species of birds.

This third volume, covering the first half of the passerines, builds on the authoritative format of the previous bestselling volumes. It contains 89 species, including common ones such as swallows, jays, crows, wrens, thrushes, and starlings. The text is supported by hundreds of full-colour pictures, including unique habitat photographs, detailed distribution maps, and beautiful illustrations of the birds, their nests, eggs, and young.

The Birds of British Columbia is a complete reference work for bird-watchers, ornithologists, and naturalists who want in-depth information on the province's regularly occurring and rare birds.

The hefty hardcover tome, which covers 91 species of passerines (perching birds) is crammed with information in text, graphs, charts and full-colour photos.  The third in a series of four volumes on the province's avian life, the extensively researched reference work is a book to be studied and perused and admired for its thorough treatment of bird life. Anne Sullivan, Vancouver Courier

R. Wayne Campbell, Senior Research Scientist (Retired), British Columbia Wildlife Branch Director, WBT Wildlife Data Centre, Wild Bird Trust of British Columbia

Neil K. Dawe, Senior Wildlife Technician, Canadian Wildlife Service

Ian McTaggart-Cowan, Dean Emeritus (Graduate Studies), University of British Columbia

John M. Cooper, Wildlife Biologist Manning, Cooper and Associates

Gary W. Kaiser, Marine Bird Ecologist (Retired), Canadian Wildlife Service

Andrew C. Stewart, Wildlife Habitat Specialist, British Columbia Resources Inventory Branch

Michael C.E. McNall, Ornithology Collections Manager, Royal British Columbia Museum



The Bird Resource: Its National and International Significance

The Environment and Changes to Ecoprovinces of British Columbia

Taxonomy and Nomenclature

Methods, Terms, and Abbreviations

Data Sources and Limitations

Data Management and Summarization

The Raw Data

Form and Content

Species Accounts

Checklist of British Columbia Birds

Passerines: Flycatchers through Vireos

Regular Species

Tyrannidae: Tyrant Flycatchers

Alaudidae: Larks

Hirundinidae: Swallows

Corvidae: Jays, Magpies, and Crows

Paridae: Titmice

Aegithalidae: Bushtits

Sittidae: Nuthatches

Certhiidae: Creepers

Troglodytidae: Wrens

Cinclidae: Dippers

Muscicapidae: Kinglets, Bluebirds, and Thrushes

Mimidae: Catbirds, Mockingbirds, and Thrashers

Motacillidae: Wagtails and Pipits

Bombycillidae: Waxwings

Laniidae: Shrikes

Sturnidae: Starlings and Allies

Vireonidae: Vireos

Casual, Accidental, Extirpated, and Extinct Species


1 Migration Chronology

2 Summary of Official Christmas Bird Counts in British Columbia (1957 through 1993)

3 Summary of Official Breeding Bird Surveys in British Columbia (1968 through 1994)

4 Contributors

5 Structure of Data Base Files

6 Computer Programs

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