Bruce B. Huckell

Bruce B. Huckell, an associate professor of anthropology at the University of New Mexico, is the senior research coordinator at the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology.

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Murray Springs

The University of Arizona Press

The Murray Springs Site in the upper San Pedro River Valley of southeast Arizona is one of the most significant Clovis sites ever found. It contained a multiple bison kill, a mammoth kill, and possibly a horse kill in a deeply stratified sedimentary context. Scattered across the buried occupation surface with the bones of late ...

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Of Marshes and Maize

The University of Arizona Press

While it was once believed that agriculture and pottery developed concurrently in prehistoric societies, modern research has concluded that agriculture preceded pottery making, since a sedentary life with greater food production led to both the need and time to create storage containers.

Bruce Huckell has been at the forefront of a ...

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Clovis Caches

Recent Discoveries and New Research

University of New Mexico Press

This collection of essays investigates caches of Clovis tools, many of which have only recently come to light. The studies comprising this volume treat methodological and theoretical issues including the recognition of Clovis caches, Clovis lithic technology, mobility, and land use.

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