Caring for a Child with Autism
286 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:15 Oct 2001
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Caring for a Child with Autism

A Practical Guide for Parents

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
This comprehensive and readable guide answers the questions commonly asked by parents and carers following a diagnosis of autism, and discusses the challenges that can arise in home life, education and socializing. The authors cover a wide variety of therapies and approaches to autism, providing clear, unbiased information so that families will be able to evaluate different options for themselves. Throughout, the emphasis is on home and family life, and the everyday difficulties encountered by families of autistic children.Caring for a Child with Autism is an informative handbook in association with the National Autistic Society, written for parents with a recently diagnosed autistic child. This is a thorough introduction to autistic spectrum disorders, to be consulted time and time again as new questions arise.
'Caring for a Child with Autism is a long overdue book aimed specifically at parents of children with autism and Asperger's syndrome. The layout and style of the book is consistent and clear. Each chapter is divided into short, manageable 'chunks', with headings and subheadings used to guide the reader through vast amounts of advice and tips on possible interventions. Also, the use of bullet lists and question-and-answer style formats provide an informal and 'chatty' way of conveying sometimes complex issues. In addition, there are listings of "useful contacts" and suggested readings at the end of every chapter, which will be useful for those who wish to explore certain issues in greater detail.'- Infant and Child Development'This book is chock full of useful contacts if you live in the UK. These useful contacts are clearly meant to be a major attraction to this bookThis local perspective also makes the chapters on Sources of Help and Education a wonderful resource for those living in the UKThis book is best for parents who have a new diagnosis of autism or are concerned that their child may have autism. It will give them an excellent understanding of what the disorder is and what sorts of issues they may face in the future as well as some of the odd and humorous ways in which families with an autistic member manage to cope.'- Metapsychology online book reviews'This is full of practical information about how to live with an autistic child in a way which makes life easier for the family. It is primarily for parents but will be of use to therapiststhe language is friendly and easily understood.'- Therapy Weekly'This book is primarily intended for parents and carers of children with autism, but will doubtless prove valuable for professionals too. It is thorough and informative, yet easy to read and well illustrated. Many of the short sections in each chapter answer questions that family members commonly ask themselves or others.' - BAAF Adoption and Fostering 'written in a very user friendly style and parents whose child has just been diagnosed will find much useful information in this book'- Ministry Today 'The first half of the book provides background information on autism, including chapters on its causes, the history of autistic spectrum disorders, an overview of diagnosis, the impact of the condition on siblings and on finding sources of help. In the second half the authors provide guidance on how to choose a suitable school, educational assessment, management of social problems and responding to autistic behaviour. The final chapter critically evaluates the range of therapies. Suggestions about useful contacts are interspersed throughout the text. The book ends with an excellent up to date list of references. There is much controversy about the diagnosis and treatment of autistic children so social workers will find this handbook an excellent source of well-balanced information and opinion. The handbook is published with the approval of the National Autistic Society and will no doubt become the standard reference manual for parents.'- Community Care
Martine Ives and Nell Munro work on the National Autistic Society's Helpline for parents and carers. Both have been involved in voluntary work with autistic children and contribute regularly to NAS publications.
Chapter 1: Explaining Autism. Chapter 2: What Causes Autism? Chapter 3: A Concise History of Autism. Chapter 4: Diagnosis. Chapter 5: Accepting the News. Chapter 6: Moving Forward After Diagnosis. Chapter 7: Siblings. Chapter 8: Sources of Help. Chapter 9: Education. Chapter 10: Social Ability. Chapter 11: Understanding Behaviour. Chapter 12: Responding to Behaviour. Chapter 13: Therapies and Approaches. Appendices. References. Index.
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