Case Study Designs in Music Therapy
288 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:29 Sep 2004
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Case Study Designs in Music Therapy

Edited by David Aldridge
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Research and clinical work are often perceived as opposites in the field of music therapy. This book shows, for the first time, how these two areas of work can creatively complement one another, proving beneficial to both disciplines. Each chapter is written by a leading researcher and practitioner in the field, and the book covers a wide spectrum of approaches within different settings. Beginning with methodological and musicological approaches to case studies, the book then moves on to more specific topics such as the use of case studies in an interactive play setting and in music therapy with the elderly. Later chapters explore theoretical aspects, looking at a worked example of music and progressive change during therapy, and how case study designs can be used in practice. A must for all professionals working and studying within the music therapy area, this is also an informative and useful book for health researchers.
'the text is a welcome contribution to the music therapy literature, as it richly and effectively conveys the editor's message on both the plurality and unique advantages of case study designs in music therapy. The text is perhaps best suited as a reference source for examples of different case study designs, as well as for examples of cases themselves. Such a reference source could benefit music therapy clinicians and researchers (particularly the final chapter on guidelines for designing and implementing case study research). Moreover, with supplemental resources on the basic elements of case study design, it could also benefit music therapy students (undergraduate and graduate) and educators.'British Journal of Music Therapy, Brian Abrams, PhD, MT-BC, LPC, LCAT, FAMI, has been a practising music therapist since 1995, and currently serves as Assistant Professor and Director of Music Therapy at Immaculata University in Pennsylvania, USA
David Aldridge is the author of a number of books within related fields such as Spirituality, Healing and Medicine: Return to the Silence and Music Therapy Research and Practice in Medicine, both published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
1. A story told from practice. David Aldridge, University Witten Herdecke. 2. Therapeutic narrative analysis as a narrative case study approach. Gudrun Aldridge, University Witten Herdecke. 3. `How wonderful that I've been born - otherwise you would have missed me very much!' Barbara Griessmeier, University Hospital, Frankfurt. 4. Song creations by children with cancer - process and meaning. Trygve Aasgaard, National Hospital of Norway. 5. A case study in Guided Imagery and Music (BMGIM). Denise Grocke, University of Melbourne. 6. The use of single case designs in an interactive play setting. Petra Kern, University of North Carolina. 7. The use of single case designs in testing a specific hypothesis. Cochavit Elefant, Bar Ilan University. 8. Music and sound vibration: testing hypotheses as a series of case studies. Tony Wigram, Aalborg University. 9. Music therapy with the elderly: complementary data as a rich approach to understanding communication. Hanne Mette Ridder, Aalborg University. 10. Cannabis, brain physiology, changes in states of consciousness and music perception. Jorg Fachner, University Witten Herdecke. 11. Guidelines for case study design research in music therapy. David Aldridge, University Witten Herdecke. References. Subject index. Author index.
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