Cashing In across the Golden Triangle
212 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
16 illus., 3 maps, notes, bibliog., index,
Release Date:01 Nov 2011
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Cashing In across the Golden Triangle

Thailand's Northern Border Trade with China, Laos, and Myanmar

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Historically, the Golden Triangle on the Mekong River has been astrategic yet largely impoverished crossroads between Thailand,Myanmar, Laos, and southern China. In the latter half of the 20thcentury, it was known as one of the world's key opium-producingregions. The new transnational "economic corridors"connecting northern Thailand and southwestern China via key bordertowns in Myanmar and Laos have greatly increased the volume of tradeand transshipment in the region. Logistical improvements via thehighways and ports have transformed entire towns and districts in Laos,Myanmar, and Thailand, bringing with them an influx of Chineseinvestment and tourism, and other population movements.
The transformation of the economy of the Golden Triangle is ongoing andrelatively uncharted. There is evidence of unequal benefits to thecountries involved. Combining official data, observations, andinterviews with a wide range of participants in this new bordereconomy, this book provides an important and unique perspective on theimpact of the new economic linkages in the region.
The corner of the region known as the Golden Triangle remains bound to well-worm images of lawless Cold War-era drug trafficking, rather than evoking images of the complex and varied lives of the region's inhabitants today. This timely and detailed study provides an important corrective to static and dated images of Northern Thailand, Burma, and Laos. Like other places in the world, the Golden Triangle is in the process of being deeply transformed, and Cashing In ably tracks many of the changes. Jim Glassman, University of British Columbia
Thein Swe teaches economics, finance, and globalization at PayapUniversity. Paul Chambers is research director at the South East AsianInstitute of Global Studies, Payap University.
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