Cha Dao
176 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Mar 2010
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Cha Dao

The Way of Tea, Tea as a Way of Life

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Cha Dao takes us on a fascinating journey through the Way of Tea,from its origins in the sacred mountains and temples of ancient China,through its links to Daoist concepts such as Wu Wei or non-striving andthe Value of Worthlessness, to the affinity between Tea Mind and theJapanese spirit of Zen. Interspersed are quotes from the great teamasters of the past, anecdotes from the author's own trips toChina, and traditional tea stories from China and Japan.

This book will interest tea lovers, as well as those who want to learnmore about tea culture, Daoist and Zen thought and practice, and Asianhistory and culture.
RELATED TOPICS: Religion & Spirituality, Taoism
Solala Towler is an instructor of Daoist meditationand of several styles of Qigong. He has studied the Daoist arts forover 20 years and has led many tours to China and Tibet to visit sacredmountains and temples of Daoism.


1 Cha Dao: The Way of Tea

2 A Brief History of Tea in China

3 Lu Yu Meets a True Tea Master

4 Tea Mind/Zen Mind

5 Just One Flower

6 The Slippery Art of Wu Wei

7 One Last Cup

8 The Uncarved Block

9 The Man Who Knew Too Much: A Tale of Tea and Enlightenment

10 The Value of Worthlessness

11 A Daoist Tea Ceremony

12 Making a Cup of Tea

13 A Gong Fu Tea Ceremony

14 The Health Benefits of Tea

15 Types of Tea

16 Tea Time

17 A Few Last Words

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