Child Well-Being
256 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:15 Aug 2010

Child Well-Being

Understanding Children's Lives

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Child well-being, which covers everything from family relationships to their material well-being, is now increasingly being talked about in policy and practice nationally and internationally. However, a lack of clarity remains about what the idea really means and how it can help children.This book brings together contributions from international experts in order to define child well-being and to further understand how it can improve children's lives. Issues covered include how the idea is being used in government policy and practice in the UK and USA, how children can contribute to the understanding of child well-being, recent advances in the exploration of indicators and measures of well-being, and the importance of context in making comparisons. A concluding chapter explores whether child well-being is a useful concept in understanding children's lives, whether it positively contributes to policy and practice, and the value of international comparisons. This edited collection is essential reading for all those involved in understanding children's lives and who have responsibility for improving them, including practitioners, policymakers, students and academics.
RELATED TOPICS: Gender & Sexuality Studies
'This book brings together contributions from 16 international experts from Ireland, Israel and the United States, as well as the UK, in order to define child well-being and to enhance our understanding of children's lives and how they can be improved. Issues covered include whether the concept assist professionals such as social workers, teachers and youth tribute to the understanding of child well-being; and how the idea is being used in government policy and practice... Recommended if you want more depth in your understanding of children's well being.'- Play for Life'The views of children and parents are discussed in some detail, as is the disparity between them, and an insight into the Children's Society's 2008 subjective well-being survey makes for interesting reading... The text makes for an interesting read for all those working directly with children.'- Professional Social Work
Colette McAuley is Professor of Social Work at the School of Applied Social Science at University College Dublin. She has published widely in the area of children and families, and is co-editor of Enhancing the Well-Being of Children and Families Through Effective Interventions with Peter J. Pecora and Wendy Rose, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Wendy Rose OBE is Senior Research Fellow at the Open University, UK and a former policy maker in the Department of Health. She works on national and international child welfare research development projects and has published widely.
Foreword. Acknowledgements. Preface. Part 1. Understanding Children's Lives at Home, School and in the Community. 1. Child Well-Being, Child Development and Family Lives. Jane Aldgate, The Open University, UK. 2. Children's Views on Child Well-Being. Colette McAuley, University College Dublin, Ireland, Roger Morgan, Children's Rights Director of England and Wendy Rose, The Open University, UK. 3. Introducing the Concept of Child Well-Being into Government Policy. Wendy Rose and John Rowlands, Thomas Coram Research Unit, Institute of Education, UK. 4. How Schools Can Contribute to Pupils' Well-being. Pamela Munn, University of Edinburgh, UK. 5. Youth, Civic Engagement and Support: Promoting Well-being. Pat Dolan, Child and Family Research Centre, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland. Part 2. Child Well-Being: International Developments and New Policy and Research Directions. 6. Developing Indicators for Child Well-Being in a Changing Context. Asher Ben-Arieh, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. 7. National Reporting on Child Well-Being The State of the Nation's Children's Reports in the Republic of Ireland. Anne-Marie Brooks, Sinead Hanafin and Sylda Langford, Office of the Minister for Children, Dublin, Ireland. 8. The Challenge of Improving Children's Well-Being and Measuring Outcomes An American Perspective. Peter J. Pecora, University of Washington and Casey Family Programs, USA and Markell Harrison-Jackson, Pinal County Education Service Agency, USA. 9. The Subjective Well-Being of Children. Jonathan Bradshaw, University of York, UK, Gwyther Rees, Children's Society, UK, Antonia Keung, University of York, UK and Haridhan Goswami, Children's Society, UK. Part 3. Child Well-Being: Current Issues and Future Directions. 10. Child Well-Being - Current Issues and Future Directions. Colette McAuley and Wendy Rose. References. List of contributors. Index.
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