China in the 1990s, 2nd Edition
292 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Jan 1999

China in the 1990s, 2nd Edition

UBC Press

Now updated with a chapter-length afterword by the editors on theend of the Deng era and its aftermath, China in the 1990sprovides a comprehensive survey of a nation in transition. Anunderstanding of this complex process requires a multidisciplinary andmultidimensional approach, which the editors have achieved by bringingtogether experts from Britain, the United States, Europe, Australia,and Hong Kong who examine China's economic, political, military,cultural and social achievements and problems.

The difficulties China still faces are enormous, some of them of itsown making: pollution, urban sprawl, the insecurity of food supplies,the risks of political authoritarianism and the perils ofliberalisation. Its population is still growing dramatically and islikely to be 1.5 billion by 2015, three times what it was when theP.R.C. was established in 1949. But since embarking on a reformprogramme which, at the time seemed experimental and hard to reconcilewith official ideology, it has gone from being the 'sick man ofAsia' to being one of the world's largest and fastestdeveloping economies in what now looks to be a remarkably effective andwell-managed transition.

With an impressive bibliography and an excellent short guide to further reading, this collection is an informative guide to the rapidly changing and unpredictable Chinese polity for the undergraduate. Sinophiles should find something of merit in this account of a potential superpower awakening from its slumber. Neil J McFadyean, Europe-Asia Studies
Robert Benewick is Research Professor of Politics atthe University of Sussex. Paul Wingrove is SeniorLecturer in Politics at the University of Greenwich.

List of Figures and Tables

Foreword to the Revised Edition


List of Contributors

List of Abbreviations

Introduction: Perspectives on the 1990s

1. The Tiananmen Crackdown and its Legacy

2. The Decline of Ideocracy

3. China's Political Structure

4. Leadership Politics since 1989

5. Centre and Province in China

6. Civil Society

7. Justice and the Legal System in China

8. Young Offenders and Juvenile Justice

9. Collectivism, Contractualism and Crisis in the ChineseCountryside

10. Village Politics

11. New Economic Elites

12. Industry and the Urban Economy

13. The People's Liberation Army and the Market Economy

14. Trade and Development: The Political Economy of China's OpenPolicy

15. Gender in China

16. Population and Family Policies

17. Family Strategies: Securing the Future

18. Social Welfare Reforms

19. Chinese Literature and Film in the 1990s

20. China's Foreign Policy in the Post-1989 Era

21. China and the Pacific Rim

Afterword: China: Reforms and Beyond


Guide to Further Reading



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