Common Sense on Weapons of Mass Destruction
200 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Release Date:01 Oct 2004

Common Sense on Weapons of Mass Destruction

UBC Press

In our post-9/11 world of shoe bombers and cyberterrorism, a crudenuclear device no larger than a baseball could devastate a major city.As we live in fear of attacks of unknown proportion, why do peopleremain confused and complacent in the face of potential disaster?

Ambassador Thomas Graham Jr. believes that a tide of misinformationhas led to the public’s lack of understanding of the vitalissues. Here, in a straightforward and comprehensible style, Grahamconcisely provides the background necessary to understand the news andopinions surrounding WMDs.

Common Sense on Weapons of Mass Destruction presentsaccessible, up-to-date facts on:

• nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism

• chemical and biological weapons

• land mines and small arms

• missile defense and WMDs in outer space

• WMDs in the Middle East and Asia

Common Sense provides a helpful tutorial on a high stakes issue which, Graham argues, we cannot afford to ignore. Barbara McMichael, The Bookmonger, Bremerton Sun
Thomas Graham Jr. has cut right down to the essentials about mankind’s most dangerous weapons. The general public will be encouraged to demand better policies. Hans Blix
If security and arms control seem arcane, this vivid, succinct guided tour by a master diplomat with decades of hands-on experience is the authoritative antidote. Richard Rhodes, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Making of the Atomic Bomb
An eminent expert, Thomas Graham writes for the layman and his message to the nuclear powers is searing: change course or risk self-destruction. Hon. Douglas Roche, OC, former Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament
In a straightforward and comprehensible style, Graham provides the background necessary to understand the news and opinions surounding WMDs, with accessible, up-to-date facts on nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism, chemical and biological weapons, land mines and small arms, missile defence and WMDs in outer space, and the WMDs in the Middle East and Asia. Association of American University Presses, Political Science and International Relations
Thomas Graham, Jr. served for several decades asgeneral counsel and acting director of the U.S. Arms Control andDisarmament Agency. He was President Clinton's special ambassadorfor nuclear disarmament issues, and his work culminated in theagreement to indefinitely extend the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.Graham is special counsel at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP inWashington, DC, and he teaches classes in international law and armscontrol.



1 The Problems of Our Time: Nuclear Proliferation and NuclearTerrorism

2 The Effects of Nuclear Weapons

3 An Overview of International Law and Arms Control

4 The Cornerstone of Security: The Nuclear Non-ProliferationTreaty

5 The Political Value of Nuclear Weapons

6 Stopping Nuclear Explosions: The Test Ban

7 Missile Defense

8 Outer Space

9 Cleaning Up After Past Wars: Land Mines and Small Arms

10 Poison Gas and Microbes: Chemical and Biological Weapons

11 Controlling Nuclear Materials: The Situation in Russia

12 Regional Issues: Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle Eastand Nuclear Weapons in South and Northeast Asia

13 America's Role




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