Competence in Social Work Practice
256 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:15 Jul 2007
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Competence in Social Work Practice

A Practical Guide for Students and Professionals

Edited by Kieran O'Hagan
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Since the publication of the first edition of this classic text, the major reforms in social work education resulted in the National Occupational Standards Framework (NOSF), which requires all social workers to demonstrate competence in a number of key areas.This practical text book covers all areas of the NOSF including social work ethics, residential care practice, child protection, risk analysis and protecting adults with learning difficulties. Numerous case studies effectively convey competent practice in social work practice, and relate core areas of competence explicitly to the relevant section of the framework.Professionals and students involved in social work training, as well as new practitioners will value this book as an indispensable resource.
'This book tackles the complex issue of competency-led social work training and focuses particularly on the six key roles of social work practice and the national occupational standards. It provides a helpful analysis of the changes to social work that have been brought about as a result of social policies and legislation, regulatory frameworks, new registration requirements, public inquiries and training to bring it in line with European education. Perhaps most importantly, it also considers the role of the service user in delivery and training.This book is easy to read and uses several detailed case studies to challenge traditional views of competency-led training. These cover a number of key social work areas such as mediation, child abuse, mental health, adults with learning disabilities, working with families and risk analysis.The case studies illuminate several complex issues that get to the heart of what competency-led training actually involves. Meanwhile, the analyses make the point that it should not just be a tick-box approach. In fact, what the case studies emphasise most of all is that the application of core values and ethics, within a skills and knowledge-based framework, is central to social work training.The second edition of this book is timely and it sits well alongside current debates about training and the future of social work. I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it for anyone working in the profession.'- Children and Young People Now'The contributors to the book look at the competence required in a variety of settings and which includes risk analysis, family mediation and child abuse. There is a thought provoking chapter on applying ethics in social work training and this is defiantly worth a read'.- Caffcass'Competence in Social Work Practice: A Practical Guide for Students and Professionals lives up to its title. Kieran O'Hagan has edited a practical, highly accessible and user-friendly book. The book is divided into twelve discreet chapters with contributions from a mixture of academics and practitioners. Each chapter is inter-linked to current social work assessment: the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and its underpinning values, skills and knowledge base.'- SWAP ( for the first edition:'This material will be invaluable to anyone working with social work students...'- Probation Journal'This book is highly recommended. It would be a very useful text for all those involved in assessment of students both in social work and allied professions.'- Journal of Social Work Practice'Keiran O'Hagan's updated collection of papers presents a rubust and, in my view, convincing case for the concept of 'competence' in social work education and training.His contributions range across the National Occupational Standards Framework and include both children and adult-focused social-work practice. The strongest and possibly most useful feature for both practice teachers and students is the detailed case studies where apparently small scale work is shown to be rich in learning.'- Professional Social Work'The content of the book is a thorough look at what constitutes 'competence led training' in the context of the new requirements within the social work degreeThe contributors to the book look at the competence required in a variety of settings and which includes risk analysis, family mediation and child abuse. There is a thought provoking chapter on applying ethics in social work training and this is definitely worth reading.' - 'CAFCASS Channel C' 'This book is aimed at all those involved in the assessment of competence in a practice learning environment from both a teaching and learning perspective. It is a well-written, easy to read comprehensive guide to the application of the key roles and outcomes required to evidence competence in social work across a wide range of practice settings. I would recommend this book as one to keep not only for anyone involved in student teaching and learning in practice, but also to assist any practitioner across all of the health and social care disciplines in compiling a portfolio demonstrating continued professional development.'- Social Work and Social Sciences
Kieran O'Hagan was Reader in Social Work at the Queen's University in Belfast. He has spent 20 years in frontline childcare and child protection work in UK social service departments, including a four-year spell as Principal Case Worker (Child Abuse) in Leeds. He is the author of Cultural Competence in the Caring Profession, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
List of tables. List of figures. List of boxes. Acknowledgements. Preface. 1. Competence: An Enduring Concept? Kieran O'Hagan. 2. Competence in Mediation Practice. Margaret Fawcett. 3. Competence in Residential Child Care. John Gibson, Cornell University, NY and Raymond Taylor, Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde. 4. Competence in Social Work Ethics. Derek Clifford, Liverpool John Moore's University, and Beverley Burke, Liverpool John Moore's University. 5. Competence in Child Abuse Referral-taking: Coping with Discriminatory or Malicious Referrals Kieran O'Hagan. 6. Competence in Protecting Adults with Learning Disabilities. Paul Cambridge, University of Kent. 7. Competence in Criminal Justice. Gerry Heery, Queen's University, Belfast. 8. Competence in Risk Analysis. Greg Kelly, Queen's University, Belfast. 9. Competence in Health Care. John McLaughlin, Queen's University, Belfast. 10. Competence in Working with Families. Dorota Iwaniec, Queen's University, Belfast. 11. Competence in Mental Health Social Work. Jim Campbell, Queen's University, Belfast. 12. Competence under Child-care Legislation, Policy and Theory. Joe Duffy, Queen's University, Belfast and Stan Houston, Queen's University, Belfast. List of contributors. References. Subject index. Author index.
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