Contemporary Chinese Studies

This series provides new scholarship and perspectives on modern and contemporary China, including China's contested borderlands and minority peoples; ongoing social, cultural, and political changes; and the varied histories that animate China today.

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Art in Turmoil

The Chinese Cultural Revolution, 1966-76

Contributions by Ralph Croizier, Shentian Zheng and Scott Watson; Edited by Richard King
UBC Press

This book decodes the rhetoric of China’s turbulent decade, a time of both brutal iconoclasm and radical experimentation in the arts, to offer new insights into works that have transcended their times.

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The New Silk Road Diplomacy

China's Central Asian Foreign Policy since the Cold War

UBC Press

The New Silk Road Diplomacy traces how China, faced with internal and external challenges to its authority following the collapse of the Soviet Union, constructed a gradualist approach to Central Asia that prioritized multilateral diplomacy.

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The Chinese State at the Borders

Edited by Diana Lary
UBC Press

The essays in this volume look at China's relationships with border peoples over a long span of time, questioning whether the process of expansion was a benevolent civilizing mission.

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Resisting Manchukuo

Chinese Women Writers and the Japanese Occupation

UBC Press
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Teachers' Schools and the Making of the Modern Chinese Nation-State, 1897-1937

UBC Press

This innovative account examines the social and political impacts of Chinese teacher's schools in the early 20th century, their role in a society in transition, and their production of grassroots forces that lead to the Communist Revolution.

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Tibet and Nationalist China's Frontier

Intrigues and Ethnopolitics, 1928-49

UBC Press

A counterpoint to erroneous historical assumptions, this book argues that Nationalist sovereignty over Tibet and China's other border regions was the result of rhetorical grandstanding by Chiang Kai-shek and his regime.

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