Corporate Social Responsibility and the State
304 pages, 6 x 9
38 figures, 48 tables
Release Date:01 Jan 2012
Release Date:27 May 2011
Release Date:23 May 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility and the State

International Approaches to Forest Co-Regulation

UBC Press

Public concern about corporate impacts on global environmental andsocial conditions has been mounting. In response, many corporationshave engaged in voluntary corporate social responsibility (CSR)programs that aim to address sustainability issues across a wide rangeof sectors. Such efforts are promising in principle, but in reality,CSR participation has unfolded unevenly across the globe. This inequityhas led to increasing skepticism about the efficacy of voluntary CSRefforts, and to increased pressure on governments to be moreinvolved.

In Corporate Social Responsibility and the State, JaneLister examines CSR governance through the lens of forest certificationin Canada, the US, and Sweden. Her comparative investigation draws onmore than a hundred interviews with key stakeholders to yield unique,practical information on the governing of CSR. Lister ultimately arguesthe importance of co-regulation, whereby private rule-making systemsserve as a complement to strong state regulation.

One of the first studies to directly address the role of the publicsector in CSR, this engaging book provides a theoretical perspectiveand much-needed guidance on the new governance model of co-regulatingCSR to achieve effective social and environmental stewardship.

This book will be of primary interest to forest-policy–makers,scholars of environmental politics and business strategy, environmentalNGOs, and forest company managers. It will also appeal to a broaderrange of civil society groups, government and industry agencies,educators, and informed general readers interested in corporate socialresponsibility research and implementation.

This is a first-class study that makes a significant contribution to its field by developing and systematically applying a framework to evaluate governmental responses to forest certification at the national and sub-national levels. Fred Gale, Senior Lecturer, School of Government, University of Tasmania
This book presents an excellent study of the role of government in forest certification, and will be a seminal work in the field. The work is innovative and well-grounded, and it advances the science and understanding of ‘polity, politics, and policy’ of forest certification. Fred Cubbage, Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, North Carolina State University
Jane Lister is a senior research fellow atthe Liu Institute for Global Issues at the University of BritishColumbia.

1 Introduction

2 Co-Regulating Corporate Social Responsibility

3 Government's Role in Forest Certification

4 Canada: Government Authority in Forest Certification

5 The United States: Enhanced Governance of Certified StateForests

6 Sweden: Public/Private Forest Policy Interplay and Innovation

7 Conclusion

Appendices: Research Interviews; The Leading Global ForestCertification Programs; Summary of US State Forest Agency Interviews;US State Forest Certification Audit Outcomes

Notes, References, Index

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