Cute and Creepy
68 pages, 8 1/2 x 10
106 colour illustrations
Release Date:01 Jan 2012
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Cute and Creepy

University of Washington Press - Distribution, Distributed for Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University

"The grotesque is not a thing in itself. It's not a genre or trope or an 'ism' that can be qualified by a time period. It is an operation, a process that occurs when one is caught in between a moment of humor and horror, or horror and beauty--held in perfect suspension so that neither overrides the other. We are left in momentary paralysis, unsure of what to think, unable to look away." -- Nancy Hightower

Cute & Creepy revels in the genre of the macabre in contemporary art, celebrating dark art and Pop Surrealists. To see the beauty in the carnivalesque or macabre, in freaks and in monsters, is a matter of aesthetics. It is for a daraing audience, an audience open to exploring the strange beauty and the ecstasy inherent in our culture's aversions.

RELATED TOPICS: Art, Art History, Sociology
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