Disability Culture and Politics

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Series editors: Christine Kelly and Michael Orsini

This series highlights the works of emerging and established authors who are challenging us to think anew about the politics and cultures of disability. Reconceiving disability politics means dismantling the strict divides among culture, art, and politics. It also means appreciating how disability art and culture inform and transform disability politics in Canada and, conversely, how politics shape what counts as art in the name of disability. Drawing from diverse scholarship in feminist and gender studies, political science, social work, sociology, and law, among others, works in this series bring to the fore the implicitly and explicitly political dimensions of disability.

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Cripping Intersex

UBC Press

Cripping Intersex explores the political, discursive, and embodied connections between intersex and disability to develop a radically innovative approach to intersex studies and activism.

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Disability Injustice

Confronting Criminalization in Canada

UBC Press

In Disability Injustice, scholars and activists deliver a much-needed and long overdue analysis of disability and criminalization in Canada.

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The Aging–Disability Nexus

UBC Press

The Aging–Disability Nexus explores the complex and competing narratives we create about aging and disability, providing fresh perspectives on how these markers interact with each other and with other indicators of power and difference.

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Disabling Barriers

Social Movements, Disability History, and the Law

UBC Press

In Disabling Barriers, legal scholars, historians, and disability-rights activists encourage us to rethink our understanding of both the systemic barriers disabled people face and the capacity of disabled people to effect positive societal change.

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Mobilizing Metaphor

Art, Culture, and Disability Activism in Canada

UBC Press

Mobilizing Metaphor illustrates how radical and unconventional forms of activism, including art, are reshaping the vibrant tradition of disability activism in Canada, challenging perceptions of disability and the politics that surround it.

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