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The Equality, Security, and Community (ESC) project, conducted during a six-year period, was conceived as a multidisciplinary collaborative research project. Its objectives were concisely described in its subtitle: “Explaining and Improving the Distribution of Well-Being in Canada.”

Explaining the distribution of well-being requires a concerted multidisciplinary effort that considers the interplay among market behaviour, political and community participation, and policy formation. Improving the distribution requires effective and durable policies, which, in turn, must be based on sound theoretical and empirical foundations. Using a wide range of research methodologies, the ESC project sheds light on these complex issues, while it advances our ability to steer public policies toward improved outcomes.

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Racing to the Bottom?

Provincial Interdependence in the Canadian Federation

UBC Press

The spectre of a “race to the bottom” is increasingly prominent in debates about globalization.

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Dimensions of Inequality in Canada

UBC Press

Is Canada becoming a more polarized society? Or is it a kind-hearted nation that takes care of its disadvantaged?

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Social Capital, Diversity, and the Welfare State

UBC Press

This book represents a landmark consideration of the diverse meanings, causal foundations, and positive and negative consequences of social capital, with a particular focus on its role in mitigating or enhancing social inequalities.

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