Every Inch a Woman
224 pages, 6 1/4 x 9 1/4
Release Date:01 Jul 2006
Release Date:12 Dec 2005
Release Date:01 Oct 2007

Every Inch a Woman

Phallic Possession, Femininity, and the Text

UBC Press

What makes the textual image of a woman with a penis so compelling, malleable, and persistent? Although the figure of the phallic woman is in no sense unique to our age, Every Inch a Woman takes note of a proliferation of phallic feminine figures in disparate North American and European texts from the end of the nineteenth century onward. This multiplication, which continues today, admits of a corresponding multiplicity of motives. The phallic woman can be a ribald joke, a fantastical impossibility, a masculine usurper, an ultimately unthreatening sexual style, an interrogation into the I of the author, or an examination of female culpability.

Carellin Brooks takes up the textual figure of the phallic woman where Freud locates it, in the imagined mother that the little boy, in fantasy, credits with a penis of her own. It traces this phallic-woman motif backward to the sexological case study, and forward to newspaper accounts of testosterone-taking third-sexers. Brooks examines both high and low literature, pornography, postmodern theory, and writing that would seem to answer Lacan’s injunction to move "beyond the phallus." Witty and engaging, Every Inch a Woman makes an innovative contribution to sexuality, gender, and women’s studies, as well as psychoanalytic theory and criticism.

And you thought all academic books were dull? ... [a] penetrating study of gender-bending penetration. BC Bookworld, Vol. 19, No. 4, Winter 2005
Brooks could have easily called this project ‘every inch a winner’! This is a smart, and sexy investigation of the compelling and very queer figure of ‘phallic femininity,’ and unrelentingly seductive and contradictory twentieth-century trope. A must read for anyone working in gender studies, queer theory, feminist theory and studies in the social construction of the body. Jean Bobby Noble, author of Masculinities with Men? Female Masculinity in Twentieth-Century Fictions
Carellin Brooks was a Rhodes Scholar and holds aMaster’s in English literature from Oxford University. She is theeditor of Bad Jobs and co-editor of Carnal Nation.




1 In Freud’s Case: Mothering the Phallus

2 Literally Male: The Case Study

3 The Body in the Text: All-seeing 'I's

4 Mysterious, Solitary Women: The Butch Cipher

5 Girl Cock: The Literalized Phallus

6 Avalanche of Dildos: The Transferable Phallus

7 The Power of the (W)hole




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