Release Date:18 Oct 2018

Extraordinary Chinese Medicine

The Extraordinary Vessels, Extraordinary Organs, and the Art of Being Human

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Singing Dragon
This is a valuable book for Chinese Medicine and qigong practitioners. As a Chinese Medicine and qigong practitioner myself, I felt that not enough attention was paid to the Extraordinary Vessels and Organs in my university degree course. The author does a great job in restoring some of the spiritual and Daoist concepts back into Chinese Medicine. I recommend this book to Chinese Medicine students and practitioners because I am sure it will deepen their understanding and expand their view of Chinese Medicine, restoring some of its lost depth. Kenneth Morgan, Medical Qigong Education Centre
1. The Natural State in Daoism and Chinese Medicine. 2. Vertical and Horizontal Integration: The Dynamic Flow of Qi at the Level of Humanity. 3. The Dai Mai. 4. The Ying Qi Cycle and a Relation of the Extraordinary Vessels to Daoist Cosmology. 5. Pairing the Extraordinary Vessels and the Extraordinary Organs. 6. The Ying Qi Cycle and the Extraordinary Organs. 7. Pairing the Extraordinary Vessels with the Primary Channels and Zangfu.
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