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Lessons from the Frontlines of a Crisis

This gripping account of the COVID-19 experience in Saskatchewan goes beyond pandemic memoir to draw lessons we can use to create a healthier future. Filled with moving stories of how COVID changed people’s lives, Ryan Meili’s deeply humane account of the pandemic draws on his unique experience as a doctor and as the leader of Saskatchewan’s official opposition during the first two years of the outbreak. A Healthy Future reveals how the pandemic exposed and made worse problems in health care, elder care, education, and social supports – and details how we can do better. Written with passion and commitment, this book offers a firsthand look at how the pandemic laid bare the shortcomings of Saskatchewan’s – and Canada’s – public health response, with tragic results. It also provides an inspiring vision of what Canadians can learn from the pandemic to create a healthier and more equitable future.

This riveting insider’s account of how the COVID-19 pandemic unfurled in one of Canada’s hardest-hit provinces draws on the lessons learned to provide a hopeful vision for building a healthier future.

A Journey toward Reconciliation

This intimate story of one settler’s journey toward reconciliation reveals the rich potential that comes from learning to listen and change – decolonization not as to-do list, but as a lived experience of taking one awkward step at a time.

Crime and Community in British Columbia's Northern Interior, 1905–25

The Notorious Georges is an engaging exploration of the alchemy of community identity and reputation in Prince George, BC, once branded Canada’s most-dangerous city.

A Very Brief Guide to Reading and Writing in University

TL;DR is a clear, accessible, and short guide to what students need to know about writing for university.

A Values-Focused Journey to your PhD

The Deliberate Doctorate shows postgraduate students how their PhD journey can be driven by purpose when it is grounded in their core values and aligned with their future plans.

Sustainable Energy Transitions in Canada brings together experts from across the country to share their perspectives on how energy systems can respond to climate change, enhance social justice, respect local cultures and traditions – and still make financial sense.

Vavilov and the Future of Administrative Law

A Culture of Justification examines how a groundbreaking case involving undercover spies and a man’s fight for citizenship helped the Supreme Court of Canada forge a consensus on the future of one of the most important areas in Canadian law.

Messy Ethics in Human Rights Work invites readers to engage reflexively in critical human rights practice by admitting discomfort and dilemma into conversations about ethics.

Is sexual assault tolerated in Canadian sport? After reaching the provocative conclusion that sexual assaults are not only accepted but normalized and even promoted, Sexual Assault in Canadian Sport offers constructive strategies to make sport safer.

Lessons in Gendered Racism and Queer Life

Fighting Feelings investigates the lived experiences of women of colour to reveal the complex ways that white supremacy is felt, endured, and navigated.

The Origins and Influence of Canada’s Military-Industrial Complex

Silent Partners delves into the shadowy world of security and national defence to shine a light on the influence they hold in Canadian society.

Bill 21 in Perspective
Edited by Lucia Ferretti and François Rocher Translated by George Tombs

The Challenges of a Secular Quebec opens up the debates that gave rise to a controversial law on state religious neutrality, taking an open-minded look at how secularism is understood and how it has imposed itself in the Quebec social space.

Algonquin Culture and Politics in the Twentieth Century

Resistance and Recognition at Kitigan Zibi illuminates the traditional values and cultural continuity underlying twentieth-century politics in the largest and oldest Algonquin reserve in Canada.

Canadians and the American Century, 1945–60

North of America takes a fresh, sharp-eyed look at how Canadians of all stripes reacted to political, economic, and cultural events and influences emanating from postwar America.

Financing Canada's Involvement in the First World War

“Back him up! Buy Victory Bonds.” Boosters and Barkers examines the unrelenting financial demands of Canadian participation in the First World War, exploring the aims, methods, and implications of securing public support.

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Nehiyawak Narratives

Upholding Indigenous Economic Relationships investigates Indigenous economic theories and relationships through the lenses of settler colonial exploitation and Indigenous resurgence.

Revitalizing Treaty Relations from Attawapiskat

Life against States of Emergency responds to the central question Attawapiskat chief Theresa Spence asked in a high-profile ceremonial fast: What does it mean to be in a treaty relationship today?

Charting a Canadian Strategy for the Asia-Pacific

Follow the Leader, Lose the Region conclusively demonstrates that an understanding of how Asia sees itself should inform Canadian foreign policy in the region.

A Global History of Copper, 1830–1980

Born with a Copper Spoon tells the fascinating and far-reaching story of one of the world’s most important metals.

Biography and Canadian Political History

People, Politics, and Purpose investigates the roles and reputations of a wide array of political actors, offering insight into Canada’s place in the world and stimulating fresh thinking about political biography.

Reflections on Charter Rights, Reconciliation, and Change

Four decades after the adoption of the Constitution Act, 1982, Constitutional Crossroads assesses its legacy, focusing on the themes of rights, reconciliation, and constitutional change.

How the System Fails Indigenous Peoples

Witness to the Human Rights Tribunals offers a behind-the-scenes account of the difficulties facing Indigenous people in human rights tribunals, and the struggles of experts to keep their own testimony from being undermined.

Divorce and Inequality in Quebec and France

Family Law in Action examines the inequalities produced by divorce and separation in France and Quebec.

Building a Nation in China’s Borderlands, 1919–45

Frontier Fieldwork exposes the transformative power that early-twentieth-century fieldwork had in placing the Sino-Tibetan borderlands at the centre of China’s nation-making process and race to modernity.

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