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Nonverbal Learning Disabilities at School

Educating Students with NLD, Asperger Syndrome and Related Conditions

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Topics such as finding the right school, curriculum modifications, and social and emotional issues experienced by children with NLD are covered. The bulk of the book outlines specific teaching strategies, from how to deal with essay questions, to tips on helping the student master long division and ideas for improving reading comprehension.

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Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities

Characteristics, Diagnosis and Treatment within an Educational Setting

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

The author provides an overview of the opinions expressed about NLD. She describes the cognitive, psychometric, socio-emotional and visual aspects, and also discusses how it can be diagnosed and how it associates itself with other conditions. She concludes by suggesting practical treatment strategies that can be applied at home and in school.

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Taxing Choices

The Intersection of Class, Gender, Parenthood, and the Law

UBC Press

This fascinating analysis of the controversial Symes case of the 1990s examines how class and gender interests clashed over the tax treatment of childcare.

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Parent's Guide to the Children's Homes Standards and Regulations

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, National Children's Bureau

Written for parents, this guide provides information on the expectation of children's homes located in England and the staff who work in them

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Tough on Kids

Rethinking Approaches to Youth Justice

UBC Press, Purich Publishing

In this compelling, thought-provoking and sometimes heartbreaking book, the authors use the stories of their young clients to illustrate the very real costs of the current system, analyzing theories behind youth justice, and how these are reflected in Canadian legislation both past and present.

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Young Person's Guide to the Residential Special Schools Standards

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, National Children's Bureau

This full-colour accessible guide gives young people information on what should happen when they move into a residential special school in England and what that school should be doing for them

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