Family Support
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Release Date:01 Feb 2000
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Family Support

Direction from Diversity

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
The contributors to this topical volume explore the role of family support in promoting the welfare of children and their families. They show how children can be supported in the development of their full potential despite adverse experiences. Family support enables children to access the variety of resources available to them in the multiplicity of contexts in which they live.Family Support: Direction from Diversity integrates concepts and experiences from an international perspective, different levels of analysis (society, community and family) and different loci of intervention (education, social services and local government). Specific areas covered include:* principles of family and social support* social networks and social change in the family and the community* reciprocal support between families, schools and the community* restoring the balance of control between parents and children* supporting young people who misuse drugs.Family Support presents current knowledge about family support and sets out directions for future developments in thinking and service provision.It shows how an understanding of the complexity and potential of family support can inform and enrich the work of educators, professionals, service providers, policy makers and academics.
RELATED TOPICS: Gender & Sexuality Studies
'Practitioners and policy-makers, across a wide spectrum of agencies responsible for providing child protection and family support services, will welcome this new contribution to the field of child care. The book helps to consolidate our current knowledge and identify the common themes necessary to develop family support as an integral part of mainstream and specialist services in the future.'- Child Abuse Review'Family support is the key to enhancing the development, welfare and safety of children and young people, argue the authors. They suggest that the most promising future for family support lies in an inclusive vision where elements from a diverse range of fields are joined in a common venture to promote the concept. The editors have succeeded in putting together a stimulating publication for professionals involved in family support at many organisational levels. The book can be used as a tool in the education and training of professionals involved in promoting the welfare of children and families. For practitioners, it provides a means of updating and understanding the theory and practice of family support and it serves as an important source of ideas for service planners in the public sectors.- Community Practitioner'The editors and publishers are to be congratulated on providing a timely contribution to the literature that helps to consolidate our current knowledge and identify the common themes necessary to develop family support as an integral part of mainstream and specialist services in the future'.- Child Abuse Review'There is much here to interest both the practitioner and academic in reminding us that personal action is important, whether at the informal level or under the aegis of the state and that through intervention, it is possible to make a difference.'- Social Policy
John Canavan is a full-time researcher with the department of political science and sociology at the National University of Ireland in Galway. His work over the past five years has focused on evaluating health and education service interventions targeting disadvantaged young people. He has recently been involved in the development of self-evaluation systems with regional health authority social work teams. Pat Dolan is regional coordinator of the Adolescent and Family Support Services at the Western Health Board in Galway, Ireland. He worked for many years as a practitioner in the child care field and has recently been engaged in important research into social network maps and their use as a tool in working with vulnerable teenagers and their families. John Pinkerton is Senior Lecturer in Social Work/Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Child Care Research at Queen's University, Belfast in Northern Ireland. His particular research interest is community-based social work as the meeting point for state and civil society. He has published widely in the fields of child care and social work.
Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. Family Support: Issues and Prospects, Robbie Gilligan, Trinity College, Dublin. 2. Communities, Family Support and Social Change, Graham Crow and Graham Allan, University of Southampton. 3. Social Pedagogical Family Help in Germany: New Wine in Old Vessels or New Vessels for Old Wine?, Joachim Wieler, Fachhochschule Erfurt, Germany. 4. Children in Control: Helping Parents Restore the Balance, Martin Herbert, University of Exeter. 5. Social Support Principles for Strengthening Families: Messages from America, Carolyn E. Cutrona, Iowa State University. 6. Refocusing Project Work with Adolescents Towards a Family Support Paradigm, John Canavan, National University of Ireland, Galway and Pat Dolan, Western Health Board, Galway. 7. Drug Prevention: Turning Towards Family Support, Saoirse Nic Ghabbainn, National University of Ireland, Galway and Fiona Walshe, Western Health Board, Galway. 8. Developing Reciprocal Support Among Families, Communities and Schools: The Irish Experience, Sandra Ryan, University College Cork. 9. Creating Municipal Structures for Family Support in a Danish City, Peter Steen Jensen, City Planning Department, Odense, Denmark. 10. Emerging Agendas for Family Support, John Pinkerton, The Queens University of Belfast. References. Index.
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