Field and Theory
228 pages, 6 x 9
76 b&w illustrations, 17 tables, 9 maps
Release Date:01 Jan 1985
Release Date:01 Oct 2007

Field and Theory

Lectures in Geocryology

UBC Press
This collection of papers by internationally known scientists in the
field of geocryology was originally presented as a series of lectures
at the University of British Columbia in 1980-1 in honour of J. Ross
MacKay. Together they illustrate the central dilemma in a science where
fieldwork must be undertaken in the harsh periglacial environment and
where, consequently, it is difficult to test theory rigorously. The
papers provide a valuable overview of the current status of
international research in a wide area of the field -- permafrost,
patterned ground, and cold climate phenomena and processes. The
treatment varies from anecdotal, historical, and descriptive to
Overall this is a most welcome addition to the geocryological literature and one which is likely to have given Ross MacKay particular pleasure. Peter Worsley, Modern Geology
Geographers of all stripes would do well to read this clearly written, informed, and sensitive piece. MacKay's consistently scholarly approach to pure and applied aspects of this important and extremely complex aspect of the earth sciences is an example and inspiration to us all. W. Peter Adams, Canadian Geographer
Field and theory is a thought-provoking attempt to set J. Ross MacKay's contribution to the understanding of permafrost processes and forms in the broadest international framework. It should leave most readers lost in admiration. Barbara A. Kennedy, University of Oxford
Michael Church and Olav Slaymaker (editors) aremembers of the geography department at the University of BritishColumbia.

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1. On the Scientific Method of J. Ross Mackay / W.H.Mathews

2. Experimental Observations of Periglacial Processes in the Arctic/ Alfred Jahn

3. Extreme Rainfall and Rapid Snowmelt as Causes of Mass Movementsin High Latitude Mountains / Anders Rapp

4. Estimation of Avalanche Runout Distances in New Zealand /B.B. Fitzharris

5. The Ice Factor in Frozen Ground / L.W. Gold

6. Models of Soil Freezing / M.W. Smith

7. A Step Function Model of Ice Segregation / S.I.Outcalt

8. Recent Observations on the Deformation of Ice and Ice-RichPermafrost / N.R. Morgenstern

9. Distribution of Recently Active Ice and Soil Wedges in theU.S.S.R. / N.N. Romanovskij

10. Periglacial Problems / A.L. Washburn

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