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Release Date:01 Jan 1996
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Field Guide to Ecosites of West-Central Alberta

Canadian Forest Service

An ecological classification system was developed for west-central
Alberta through the analysis of vegetation, soil, site, and forest
productivity information. The hierarchical classification system has
three levels - ecosite, ecosite phase and plant community type.
Forty-four ecosites are described with further detail provided by
subdivision into ecosite and ecosite phase and plant community type. A
soil type classification system that describes 17 soil types was also
developed. Management interpretations were made for drought, excess
moisture, soil rutting hazard, soil compaction hazard, puddling hazard,
soil erosion hazard, frost heave hazard, soil temperature limitations,
vegetation competition, and windthrow hazard. Colour photos and
drawings for 106 common plants of west-central Alberta are presented.
An index listing common and scientific names of illustrated plants is
included. Keys to ecological variables, definitions of soil horizon
designations, and a glossary are also included.

RELATED TOPICS: Ecology, Reference
J.D. Beckingham is Professional Biologist,
Geographics Dynamics Corporation, Edmonton AB. I.G.W.
Corns is Research Scientist, Canadian Forest Service,
Northwest Region. J.H. Archibald is Manager,
Ecological Classification, Alberta Environmental Protection, Land, and
Forest Service.
1. Introduction

2. Study Area Description

3. Approach to the Classification

4. System Overview

5. Application of the Classification System

6. How to Read the Fact Sheets

7. Ecosite and Ecosite Phase Fact Sheets for the Lower Foothills

8. Ecosite and Ecosite Phase Fact Sheets for the Upper Foothills

9. Ecosite and Ecosite Phase Fact Sheets for the Montane

10. Ecosite and Ecosite Phase Fact Sheets for the Subalpine

11. Soil Type Classification

12. Interpretations

13. Plant Recognition

14. Literature Cited

15. Glossary


Index of Common and Scientific Names of Illustrated Plants
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