Fragile Success
Release Date:15 Feb 2001

Fragile Success

Ten Autistic Children, Childhood to Adulthood Second Edition

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
This book presents ten longitudinal case studies of individuals with autism and discusses the nature of childhood autism and teaching children with autism. The studies involve students of the Elizabeth Ives School for Special Children, which Virginia Sperry directed from 1966 to 1972, who were tested at the Yale Child Study Center in childhood; seven of them were tested again in adulthood. The book provides the test results and detailed information about the subjects' lives over the approximately 25-year period, the quality of their lives at the end of the study, what kinds of jobs they held if they work, and what kind of social interactions they had, if any. In the studies, the children's parents discuss their experiences raising a child with autism and caring for an adult with autism. The second edition adds a new case study and follow-ups for all but one of the original study participants to show how their lives are now.
Virginia Sperry was Director of the Ives School from 1966 to 1972. Before then, she was affiliated with the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at Northern Arizona State University and she taught in both public and private schools.
Foreword, Sally Provence, M.D.. Foreword, Fred Volmar, M.D.. Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. Childhood Autism and Related Disorders, Sally Provence, M.D. 2. Teaching the Autistic Child: The World of the Ives School. 3. Case Studies in Autism: Children and Parents. i. Essentially Isolated: Tom Brown, Patricia Brown. ii. A Profound Communication Disorder: Jimmy Davis, Victoria Davis. iii. A Frenetic Perfectionist: Polly Daniels, Jane Daniels. iv. The Child Fantasist: Bill Kolinski, Fran Kolinski. v. Lacking Spontaneity: David Ellis. vi. A Desire to Relate to Others: Karen Stanley, Elizabeth Stanley. vii. Unpredictable and Turbulent: John Stark, Carole and John Stark. viii. Emotionally Blocked: Larry Perelli. ix. Mute and Angry: Eric Thomas. x. The Jane Case. 4. Where Does This Leave Us: Parents, Teachers, and Children. 5. Appendices. A: Growing In and Out of an Autistic Mind, Bill Kolinski. B: The Autistic Adult as Seen in Rain Man. C: Summary Chart: Preschool Through High School. D. Summary Chart: Adult Outcomes. Glossary. For More Information About Autism. Bibliography. Index.
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