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New and Forthcoming in Women's and Feminist Studies
Women, Activism, and Creating Non-Colonizing Relations

This compassionate yet unflinching exposé of the pitfalls of Indigenous–non-Indigenous solidarity work offers a constructive framework for non-colonizing solidarity that can be applied in any context of unequal power.

Activism, Affect, and Canada’s Second Wave

Feeling Feminism is a groundbreaking collection of interdisciplinary scholarship on second-wave feminist history and feminist social movements in Canada that puts emotions at the centre of the story.

One Hundred Years of Canadian Feminism

In a wide-ranging survey of Canadian feminism from the 1880s to the 1980s, Demanding Equality reveals a continuous, vibrant, and often contentious search for equality, autonomy, and dignity.

Movements and Influences in Québec and Italy, 1960–80

Frontiers of Feminism shines new light on the recent history of feminist movements, using the examples of Italy and Québec to bring an international perspective to major themes, strategies, and modes of organizing.

Women in Photography in Canada, 1840–1940

Rare Merit illuminates the impact of women as portraitists, travel documentarians, photojournalists, fine artists, hobbyists, and printers in the early years of photography in Canada.

Beauty Contests and Settler Femininity

Queen of the Maple Leaf reveals the role of beauty pageants in entrenching settler femininity and white heteropatriarchy at the heart of twentieth-century Canada.

Changing Families, Evolving Norms, and the Role of the Law

House Rules takes a hard look at the law and norms governing family life, compelling readers to rethink entrenched inequalities in familial relationships and proposing ways to approach legislative solutions.

R v Ryan, Domestic Abuse, and the Defence of Duress

No Legal Way Out tells the story of one woman who felt trapped in an abusive relationship – and in a system that gave her no way to escape.

Coming Undone in the Age of Anxiety

The Juggling Mother upends popular representations of the supermom, showing her to be a cultural construction and the model neoliberal worker.

Infant Food Insecurity in a Rich Nation

Out of Milk reveals the experiences of mothers struggling to feed their children and the policy gaps that put babies at risk of going hungry in a high-income nation.

The Times and Life of Mary Ellen Spear Smith

This authoritative biography of Mary Ellen Smith (1863–1933) – British Columbia’s first female MLA, the British Empire’s first female cabinet minister, and a BC suffragist – recovers from obscurity an audacious but imperfect champion in the struggle for greater democracy in early twentieth-century Canada.

Women and the Vote in British Columbia

The first book on the woman’s suffrage movement in British Columbia, A Great Revolutionary Wave traces the history of the fight for the vote from the 1870s to the 1940s against a backdrop of social reform, international social movements, labour politics, and settler colonialism.

Women and the Vote in the Prairie Provinces

This long-overdue account of the suffrage campaigns in the first region to grant women the vote in Canada shatters cherished myths about how the West was won.

Canadian Women and the Search for Global Order

Breaking Barriers, Shaping Worlds explores the lives and careers of women, famous and forgotten, who influenced Canada’s place in the world during the twentieth century.

New and Forthcoming in Gender and Sexuality Studies
An Unconventional History of Postwar Canada

What Nudism Exposes offers a convincing new perspective on postwar Canada by revealing how nudist clubs navigated the social and cultural changes of the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s.

Cripping Intersex explores the political, discursive, and embodied connections between intersex and disability to develop a radically innovative approach to intersex studies and activism.

A Legal and Policy Analysis

Banning Transgender Conversion Practices is the first book to offer a comprehensive analysis of how conversion practices targeting transgender people are regulated around the world.

2SLGBTQ+ Rights and Religion in Schools

Making the Case provides clear explanations of how law protects sexual minority rights, making it an essential resource for supporting 2SLGBTQ+ students in Canadian schools.

Gender and Sexuality Studies Titles from our Publishing Partners
How Culture and Politics Matter for Reproductive Autonomy

Based on candid, in-depth interviews with women who considered but did not obtain an abortion, No Real Choice analyzes the structural obstacles to abortion and the cultural ideologies that try to persuade women not to choose abortion. It illustrates how real reproductive choice is denied, for whom, and at what cost.

Straight Men’s Sexuality in Public and Private

​When straight men talk to each other about their sex lives, they often boast about sexual exploits and brag about the hot women they have slept with. Yet this competitive bluster covers up deep-seated anxieties about measuring up to impossibly virile cultural ideals of masculinity. So how do straight men really feel about sex, women, and manhood—and how do those feelings clash with their public performance of manliness?    This landmark sociological study emerges from in-depth interviews with nearly one hundred straight American men aged 20 to 68 from a variety of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. Getting It, Having It, Keeping It Up examines how these men use sex with women as a way of affirming their manhood—and how they view themselves as failures when they are unable to “score.” It also explores the effects of aging and erectile dysfunction on the men’s self-image. However, the life stories collected here are not just about performance anxiety, as this research reveals ways that some straight men have resisted masculine cultural scripts to form mutually nurturing relationships with women.

Another School of Thought on Pregnancy and Health

Unlike traditional pregnancy guidebooks that offer recommendations, Carrying On investigates prenatal health norms by exploring the origin stories for issues at the center of pregnancy, ranging from morning sickness and weight gain to ultrasounds and induction. In a world of information overload, Carrying On helps expecting parents make sense of the overwhelming amount of counsel by shedding light on where it all came from: how and why did such confusing and contradictory guidance on pregnancy come to exist?

Exploring Radical Edges of Feminist Theory, Communication, and Activism

Badass Feminist Politics explores gender, difference, feminist methods, stigma, social movements, mediated communication, intersectional feminist theory and pedagogy. It is a testament to resilience, resistance, and forward thinking about what these themes mean for new feminist agendas.

The Work of Nineteenth-Century Adolescence

A study of nineteenth-century young adult literature that refocuses the history of girls’ books and female adolescence in the United States and Germany

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