Helping Vulnerable Children and Adolescents to Stay Safe
184 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:18 Aug 2016

Helping Vulnerable Children and Adolescents to Stay Safe

Creative Ideas and Activities for Building Protective Behaviours

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Helping vulnerable children and young people to build protective behaviours is the key to keeping them safe.

Full of creative ideas and activities, this guide provides the tools to help children develop these key skills. Topics include work around: building resilience and problem solving skills; identifying a 'safety network'; developing emotional literacy; awareness of grooming strategies and safe/unsafe touch; and cyber safety. The range of tried and tested techniques will be sure to engage any child in thinking about their personal safety, allowing adult carers to have confidence that their child will be empowered to better identify and avoid harmful situations and behaviours.

Practical and easy to use, this is a valuable resource for professionals working with vulnerable children and young people, such as adopted or fostered children and those in residential care, as well as the parents and carers of these children.

Nestled at the heart of child-centred practice, brimming with easy-to-do ideas, this book is a fantastic resource for practitioners in all sectors working with children. While acknowledging traumatic experiences including child sexual abuse and children entering the care system, the many examples from practice bring the creative, cost-free activities to life. This book enables children to engage with Protective Behaviours, so they can explore ways to feel safer and know they can always talk with someone if feeling unsafe. Judith Staff, Protective Behaviours Trainer and Specialist Practitioner, UK
Helping Vulnerable Children and Adolescents to Stay Safe is an essential text for educators, carers and any professionals who work with children. The easy-to-follow activities and protective behaviours information are vital in helping us as a society to protect children from all forms of abuse. Prevention education is crucial to the well-being of children and I highly recommend Helping Vulnerable Children and Adolescents to Stay Safe for its age-appropriate and practical tasks. The information and skills children will receive via this book are both empowering and essential. Jayneen Sanders, Author of 'Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept' and 'No Means No!', Australia
Katie Wrench is a qualified therapeutic social worker, art psychotherapist and foster carer. Lesley Naylor is also an experienced therapeutic social worker and play therapist who facilitates a life story consultation clinic. Both authors work with children and young people who are fostered or adopted, provide specialist consultation and training to frontline social care practitioners and foster carers around life story work and are based in Leeds, UK.

Foreword by Ginger Kadlec


Chapter 1 Building Resilience and Self-esteem
How I Make Myself Feel Better
Strengths Based All About Me
I'm the Greatest
Feel Good Notebook
The Tree
Self-esteem Time Line

Chapter 2 Emotional Literacy and the Body's Emotional
Communication '
Identifying Early Warning Signs
Playing Feelings Detective
My House or My Castle
Feelings Charades
Feelings Rocket
Weather Report
Sense Memory

Chapter 3 Feeling Safe and Understanding
What it Means
Establishing Personal Networks
Safety Rules
Safety Continuum
Sensory Book of Safety
My Safe Place
Relaxation Techniques
Tuning in to Your Body

Chapter 4 Body Awareness and Boundaries
Healthy Touching House Rules
My Own Space
Animal Boundaries
The Boundary Line
Body Tracing
Private versus Public Spaces and Places
Exploring Touch
Responding to Action Words

Chapter 5 Developing Problem-solving Skills
Alternative Simon Says
Self-protection and Soothing
Child Safety Plan
Secrets and Secret Enablers
Stepping Stones
Preference and Choice

Chapter 6 Working with Vulnerable Adolescents
Wall or Tree of Hope
Jargon Buster
Relationships: Me and Other People
Self -sabotage
Understanding Emotional Grooming
Normal or Harmful? Resisting Grooming Tactics

Chapter 7 Online Safety
What Else Helps?
Five SMART Rules for Primary-aged Children
Family Internet Agreement
Virtual Relationships

Help and Support
Recommended Books for Children

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