Icon, Brand, Myth
352 pages, 6 1/4 x 9 1/4
16 b&w illustrations
Release Date:01 Apr 2008
Release Date:01 Apr 2008

Icon, Brand, Myth

The Calgary Stampede

Edited by Max Foran
Athabasca University Press
An investigation of the meanings and iconography of the Stampede, an
invented tradition that takes over the city of Calgary for 10 days
every July. Since 1923, archetypal “Cowboys and Indians”
are seen again at the chuckwagon races, on the midway, and throughout
Calgary. Each essay in this collection examines a facet of the
experience—from the images on advertising posters to the ritual
of the annual parade. This study of the Calgary Stampede as a social
phenomenon reveals the history and sociology of the city of Calgary and
the social construc-tion of identity for western Canada as a whole.
Makes you understand the pitfalls and the danger and the foolishness of it all and still want to shout out, 'yippee!' Donna Livingstone, author of The Cowboy Spirit: Guy Weadick and the Calgary Stampede
Max Foran is a Professor in the Faculty ofCommunication and History at the University of Calgary. He has writtenextensively on various western Canadian urban, rural, and culturaltopics, most recently on ranching, urban growth, and sustainability.

Table of Contents



1  The Stampede in Historical Context / Max Foran

2  Making Tradition: The Calgary Stampede, 1912–1939 /Donald G. Wetherell

3  The Indians and the Stampede / Hugh A. Dempsey

4  Calgary’s Parading Culture Before 1912 / Lorry W.Felske

5  Midway to Respectability: Carnivals at the CalgaryStampede / Fiona Angus

6  More Than Partners: The Calgary Stampede and the City ofCalgary / Max Foran

7  Riding Broncs and Taming Contradictions: Reflections on theUses of the Cowboy in the Calgary Stampede / Tamara Palmer Seiler

8  A Spurring Soul: A Tenderfoot’s Guide to the CalgaryStampede Rodeo / Glen Mikkelsen

9  The Half a Mile of Heaven’s Gate / Aritha van Herk

10  “Cowtown It Ain’t”: The Stampede andCalgary’s Public Monuments / Frits Pannekoek

11  “A Wonderful Picture”: Western Art and theCalgary Stampede / Brian Rusted

12  The Social Construction of the Canadian Cowboy: CalgaryExhibitions and Stampede Posters, 1952–1972 / Robert M. Seilerand Tamara P. Seiler

13  Renewing the Calgary Stampede for the 21st Century: AConversation with Vern Kimball, Stampede Chief Executive Officer




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