80 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Sep 1993

Indigenous Peoples of the World

Their Past, Present and Future

UBC Press, Purich Publishing

In this book, author Brian Goehring introduces the Indigenous Peoples of the world, describing who they are, where they live, looking at similarities in their history and future challenges. Goehring points out how the Indigenous struggle for self-determination, a land base and an economy which allows for participation on their terms is a world wide phenomena.

Some of the interesting questions answered in this book include: How the debates in 16th century Spain between de Sepulveda and de Las Casas laid the basis for the legal concept of Aboriginal title. How many Bhil and other Indigenous Peoples will be displaced by the Narmada Dam Project? How did Pizarro subjugate the Inca Empire with less than 500 men? Where do the Penan Peoples live?

[This book] provides … a valuable resource to all people seeking to understand the relationship between Indigenous Peoples and the society with which they co-exist. Doug Surtees, the musk-ox
Brian Goehring is an educator and geographer. He has taught extensively in Canada's Arctic, has a PhD in Northern Studies, focusing on the human and economic geography of Nunavut. He teaches at Thompson Rivers University in Kamploops, BC.


1. Background
World Distribution

2. Past
Common Threats of the Past
The impacts of the past
Loss of land

3. Present
The reality of the present
Frontier migrations
Resource extraction
Military Activity
Common Impacts of Intrusion

4. Future
Prospects for the future
The nature of dichotomies
A comparison of Indigenous and industrial dichotomies


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