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Inside the Campaign is the first book to profile the work carried out behind the scenes during a Canadian election campaign. It provides an inside look at, and unparalleled understanding of, the nuts and bolts of running a federal campaign in Canada.

Each chapter, as well as the full text PDF, is available to download below.

Inside the Campaign
Managing Elections in Canada

Edited by Alex Marland and Thierry Giasson

UBC Press, 2020

An illuminating profile of the work carried out behind the scenes during a Canadian election campaign.

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Chapter Downloads

Introduction: Constantly Shopping for Votes
Alex Marland with Susan Delacourt

Part 1: Caretakers and Participant Observers

1. Election Administrators
Andrea Lawlor & Marc Mayrand

2. Political Staff
Paul Wilson & Michael McNair

3. Public Servants
Lori Turnbull & Donald Booth

4. Leaders’ Debate Coordinators
Brooks DeCillia & Michel Cormier

5. News Editors
Colette Brin & Ryan MacDonald

6. Pollsters
André Turcotte & Éric Grenier

Part 2: Campaign Offices and the Campaign Trail

7. Party Fundraisers
Erin Crandall & Michael Roy

8. Party Platform Builders
Jared Wesley & Renze Nauta

9. National Campaign Directors
David McGrane & Anne McGrath

10. National Campaign Director of Communications
Stéphanie Yates & John Chenery

11. Senior Adviser to the Leader on Tour
Mireille Lalancette with Marie Della Mattia

12. Political Advertisers
Vincent Raynauld & Dany Renauld

13. Third-Party Activism
Thomas Collombat & Magali Picard

14. The Independent Candidate
Tamara Small & Jane Philpott

Conclusion: Revealing the Campaign Machine
Anna Lennox Esselment & Thierry Giasson

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