Inside Transracial Adoption, Second Edition
300 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Jun 2013
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Inside Transracial Adoption, Second Edition

Strength-based, Culture-sensitizing Parenting Strategies for Inter-country or Domestic Adoptive Families That Don't "Match"

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Is transracial adoption best for kids? How can children gain their new
families without losing their birth heritage? How can parents offer
support after placement? Transracial adoption is a lifelong journey,
complex and challenging. But it can work well for kids and families
when parents are prepared to form new ideas and look at it from a
different perspective.Inside Transracial Adoption is an
accessible, authoritative guide to navigating the challenges and issues
that parents often face with the adoption of a child from a different
race and culture. Filled with real-life examples, the book explores the
differences between raising a transracial child in a multicultural
community and in a predominantly white community, assesses the
advantages and challenges, and lays out strategies to deal with them.
Various tips and pointers are given on helping their transracial child
build their sense of identity so that they feel at home in their new
family while managing to keep the connection with their culture of
origin. It incorporates new material on the rising trend of
people of color adopting children of other races and addresses the
phenomenon of multiculturalism not just in societies but within
Beth Hall is the adoptive mom of Sofia Hall Gallagherwho is Latina, and James Hall Gallagher who is African American. Shegrew up a member of an adoptive family and lives in Oakland,California, with her husband and children. GailSteinberg is the adoptive mom of four grown daughters andsons: Shira Beth Gale is Korean and America Indian, Liza Anya Triggs isAfrican American, Jeremy Ben Steinberg is African American and white,and Seth Ari Steinberg is white. She lives in San Anselmo, California,with her husband. Gail and Beth are founders and co-directors of Pact,An Adoption Alliance – an organization dedicated to providingadoption services to children of color.
1. The Challenges of Transracial Adoption. 2. Racial Identity. 3.
Family Matters. 4. Through Development's Lens. 5. Cultural
Specifics in Focus. 6. Parting Thoughts.
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