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Skwxwu7mesh Snichim-Xweliten Snichim Skexwts / Squamish-English Dictionary

with Squamish Nation Education Department; By Squamish Nation Dictionary Project
University of Washington Press, University of Washington Press Published with Squamish Nation Education Department

This is the first published dictionary of the critically endangered Squamish language, one of ten Coast Salish languages.

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We Are Our Language

The University of Arizona Press

In presenting the case of Kaska, an endangered language in an Athapascan community in the Yukon, Barbra Meek asserts that language revitalization requires more than just linguistic rehabilitation; it demands a social transformation. The process must mend rips and tears in the social fabric of the language community that result from an enduring colonial history.

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Lessons from a Quechua Strongwoman

The University of Arizona Press

Using the intriguing stories and words of a Quechua-speaking woman named Luisa Cadena from the Pastaza Province of Ecuador, Janis B. Nuckolls reveals a complex language system in which ideophony, dialogue, and perspective are all at the core of cultural and grammatical communications among Amazonian Quechua

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Maya Ethnolinguistic Identity

The University of Arizona Press

Ethnographer and anthropologist Brigittine French mobilizes new critical-theoretical perspectives in linguistic anthropology, applying them to the politically-charged context of contemporary Guatemala. French shows, with useful examples, how constructions of language and collective identity are, in fact, strategies undertaken to serve the goals of institutions and social actors.

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Becoming Tsimshian

The Social Life of Names

University of Washington Press
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Witsuwit'en Grammar

Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology

UBC Press

Witsuwit’en Grammar presents acoustic studies of several aspects of Witsuwit’en phonetics, including vowel quality, vowel quantity, ejectives, voice quality, and stress.

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