Linking Industry and Ecology
288 pages, 6 x 9
36 b&w illustrations and photographs, 4 tables
Release Date:01 Jul 2006
Release Date:05 Dec 2005
Release Date:01 Nov 2007

Linking Industry and Ecology

A Question of Design

UBC Press

It might, at first glance, seem to many that industry and ecology make strange bedfellows. For proponents of sustainable development, however, such a union is crucial. How else are we to make the industries that are so central to modern societies consistent with our visions of a sustainable future?

Linking Industry and Ecology explores the origins, promise, and relevance of the emerging field of industrial ecology. It situates industrial ecology within the broader range of environmental management strategies and concepts, from the practices of pollution prevention through life cycle management, to the more fundamental shift toward dematerialization and ecological design. The book makes a compelling argument for the need to think ecologically to develop innovative and competitive industrial policy.

The contributors to this volume draw on their experience in a variety of disciplines to chart a clear path for industrial ecology. Their work not only affirms what has been learned to date in this nascent field but also provides new insight for a discourse traditionally dominated by natural scientists and engineers, by demonstrating that technologies are socially and politically embedded.

Ray Côté is a professor of resource and environmental studies at Dalhousie University. James Tansey is James Martin Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies at Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. Ann Dale is a professor in the Science, Technology, and Environment Division at Royal Roads University. She is a Trudeau Fellow and holds a Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development

Part 1: Introduction

1 Linking Industry and Ecology in Canada: A Question of Design / Ann Dale

Part 2: Design and Ecology

2 Industrial Ecology as Ecological Design: Opportunities for Re(dis)covery / Nina-Marie Lister

3 Redesign as Deep Industrial Ecology: Lessons from Ecological Agriculture and Social Ecology / Stuart B. Hill

4 Industry in the City: From Industrial Ghettos to Eco-Parks / Jill Grant

5 Reworking Canadian Landscape and Urban Form through Responsive Urban Design: Healthy Housing and Other Lessons / Nik Luka

Part 3: Industrial Ecology and Environmental and Business Management

6 Cleaner Production and Eco-Efficiency: Charting a Course for Sustainability / Nonita T. Yap

7 From Clusters and Networks to Islands of Sustainability / Raymond P. Côté and Heinz Peter Wallner

8 From Advanced Eco-Efficiency to Systemic Sustainability: What Leading Companies Are Doing and What Assistance and Pressure They Need from Governments and Other Players / Robert B. Gibson and Steven W. Peck

9 Mining, Minerals, and Sustainability / R. Anthony Hodge

10 Between Beckett’s Trousers and Ecotopia: The Future of Industrial Ecology / James Tansey

Part 4: Learning from Experience

11 Applied Industrial Ecology: Blue Box Recycling Lessons Learned and Implications for Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Strategy / R.A. Flemington

12 Clustering for Sustainability: The Alberta Experience / Sumita Fons and Rebekah Young

13 From Waste Management to Industrial Ecology / Jonah Spiegelman

Part 5: Conclusions

14 Opportunity or Illusion: The Vexed Promise of Industrial Ecology / John Robinson and Asoka Mendis



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