Lush Low-Water Plants & Landscapes
Release Date:15 Oct 2007
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Lush Low-Water Plants & Landscapes

The University of Arizona Press, Ironwood Press
Water in the West is a precious commodity. It may come as a surprise that, on average, more than half of residential water use in this region goes to outdoor irrigation--our lawns, plants, and landscapes. In some desert cities, outdoor water use during the warm summer months accounts for more than 70 percent of home water consumption. Using a common-sense approach, homeowners can now lower their water and energy bills, spend less time irrigating and caring for plants, increase the beauty, value, and livability of their homes, and do this all while conserving the West's most valuable resource--water.Lush Low-Water Plants & Landscapes provides the information--and inspiration--to accomplish these goals. It is written primarily for homeowners and gardeners in the dry West--Arizona, California, southern Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, most regions of Texas, and southern Utah, although the principles of wise water use apply anywhere on the globe. Hundreds of large color photographs and clearly written descriptions show and tell readers how to choose the very best plants for their unique situation and combine them to create beautiful low-water landscapes.
RELATED TOPICS: Botany, Nature
Scott Millard is the publisher of Ironwood Press, a company that for the past 16 years has focused on creating regional gardening guides concerned with water conservation. Millard is the author or co-author of five books dealing with gardening in the dry West, including Gardening in Dry Climates, How to Grow the Wildflowers, and The Low-Water Flower Gardener, and has edited more than thirty books on gardening. He lives in Tucson.
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