Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment
398 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Jan 1995

Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment

UBC Press

Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment is a practicalup-to-date explanation and guide to how EIAs are, and should be,carried out for specific environmental components (e.g., air, water,ecological systems, socio-economic systems). For each component, itincludes a discussion of relevant standards, how baseline surveys areconducted, how impact predictions are made, what mitigation measurescan be used, how the effectiveness of such measures should bemonitored, and the limitations of the methods.

Very few books exist on how EIA should be carried out for specificenvironmental components and this book will fill an important gap.Written by practising specialists who teach a highly regarded course inenvironmental assessment and management at Oxford Brookes Universityand by experts from the private and non-profit sectors, Methods ofEnvironmental Impact Assessment will prove invaluable for thosewho organize, review, and make decisions about EIA: environmentalplanners and managers; undergraduate as well as graduate students inplanning, ecology, geography, environmental studies, and relatedsubjects with an EIA content.

Peter Morris (editor) is Principal Lecturer in Ecologyin the School of Biological and Molecular Sciences, Oxford BrookesUniversity. Riki Therivel (editor) is Senior Lecturerin Environmental Assessment and a Research Associate in the School ofPlanning, Oxford Brookes University.

Preface and acknowledgments

List of contributors

Abbreviations and units used in the text

1. Introduction / Riki Therivel and Peter Morris

2. Socio-economic impacts 1: overview and economic impacts /John Glasson

3. Socio-economic impacts 2: social impacts / AndrewChadwick

4. Noise / Riki Therivel

5. Traffic / Aidan Hughes

6. Landscape / i

7. Archaeological and other material and cultural assets /Nicola Bourdillon, Rosemary Braithwaite and David Hopkins, RogerFrance

8. Air and Climate / Derek Elsom

9. Soils and geology / Martin Hodson

10. Water / Peter Morris and Jeremy Biggs

11. Ecology -- overview / Peter Morris

12. Terrestrial ecology / Peter Morris, David Thurling, TimShreeve

13. Freshwater ecology / Jeremy Biggs, Antony Corfield, DavidWalker, Mericia Whitfield, Penny Williams

14. Coastal ecology / Stewart Thompson

15. Interactions between impacts / Riki Therivel and PeterMorris


A. EIA/EIS contents

B. Useful addresses

C. The rational method for runoff prediction

D. Geographical information systems

E. Outline of the NCC Habitat Classification

F. Sources of information on species and taxonomic groups




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