My Child Has Autism, Now What?
128 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Release Date:15 Oct 2010

My Child Has Autism, Now What?

10 Steps to Get You Started

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

"Your child has autism" – four small words with the power to leave parents feeling helpless, overwhelmed, and confused. This concise, no-nonsense book will enable parents to regain control of the situation and take the first practical steps towards a calm and happy life with their newly-diagnosed child.

Dr. Larson Kidd's approach draws from the vast amount of information available on parenting a child with autism and distils it into ten manageable steps. It covers the key aspects of life with a child on the autism spectrum, including the basics such as sleeping, eating, and toileting, through adapting the home, creating routines, and exploring therapy. Ready-to-implement strategies are outlined simply and clearly, and are firmly grounded in the author's extensive experience of supporting children with autism.

This practical book will be essential and empowering reading for every parent whose child has recently been diagnosed with autism or for parents still struggling with where to begin to help their child.
Susan Larson Kidd is an educational and behavioural consultant specializing in autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Introduction: Beginning the Path

Step One: Help Your Child with Sleeping, Eating, and Toileting

Step Two: Help Your Child by Using Visual Supports

Step Three: Incorporate Sensory Integration Strategies

Step Four: Simplify Areas in Your Home

Step Five: Use Music to Help Your Child

Step Six: Create Routines

Step Seven: Take Your Child to Speech/Language Therapy

Step Eight: Start Educational Services

Step Nine: Start with the Basic Biomedical Interventions

Step Ten: Build a Support Team

Afterword: You Are on Your Way

Appendix A: Sensory Plan Format

Appendix B: Samples of IEP Goals and Services

Appendix C: Educational Services Information in the United States


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