216 pages, 6 x 9
12 colour photos
Release Date:01 Oct 2014
Release Date:15 Mar 2013
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Arctic Whales in a Melting World

University of Washington Press
The most unusual and least-studied of the large whales, narwhals thrivein the fjords and inlets of northern Canada and Greenland. Todd McLeishtravels high above the Arctic circle to meet teams of scientificresearchers studying the narwhal’s life cycle and the mysteriesof its tusk, Inuit storytellers and hunters, and animals that share thenarwhal’s habitat. From a history of the trade in narwhal tusksto descriptions of narwhal’s vocalizations as heard throughhydrophones, this book reveals the beauty and excitement of the narwhaland its habitat, and the threats it faces from a rapidly changingworld.
Todd McLeish takes us far in several dimensions-across space, throughtime, and into the interiors of the human mental landscape-to paint avivid and eloquent portrait of an animal seldom seen, wrongly imagined,and too often mistreated. This is one of those rare books that liftsyou up and takes you in. Carl Safina, author of Song for the Blue Ocean and The View From Lazy Point and A Natural Year in an Unnatural World
Narwhals is more than a 'whale of a tale' that lovers of thesea will enjoy reading. It also gives the reader a firsthand glimpseinto the lives of Arctic dwellers as they struggle to survive in achanging world. Dr. Robert D. Ballard, marine explorer and oceanographer
Todd McLeish is the author of Golden Wings andHairy Toes: Encounters with New England's Most ImperiledWildlife and Basking with Humpbacks: Tracking ThreatenedMarine Life in New England Waters. He lives in Pascoag, RhodeIsland.


1. First Encounter

2. Whale Spotting

3. A Symphony of Moos

4. The Inside-Out Tooth

5. Mythology

6. Melting Ice

7. Greenland

8. Subsistence

9. Muktuk

10. To the East

11. Playing Catch

12. Gaining Ground

13. Looking Ahead




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