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Screening Out

HIV Testing and the Canadian Immigration Experience

A critical, compassionate, and highly readable narrative-driven analysis, this is the first-ever inquiry into how the Canadian immigration medical program works in practice to screen out people with HIV.

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Métis Rising

Living Our Present Through the Power of Our Past

Métis Rising brings together a vibrant collection of essays on history, politics, and culture that celebrate the resilience of Métis identity.

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Banning Transgender Conversion Practices

A Legal and Policy Analysis

Banning Transgender Conversion Practices is the first book to offer a comprehensive analysis of how conversion practices targeting transgender people are regulated around the world.

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The High North

Cannabis in Canada

The High North brings together, for the first time, activists, advocates, and academics to evaluate the opaque origins and muddled legacy of cannabis legalization in Canada.

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Religion at the Edge

Nature, Spirituality, and Secularity in the Pacific Northwest

Religion at the Edge shows how the distinctive social and physical landscape of the Pacific Northwest proves fertile ground for an expansive exploration of contemporary spirituality and secularity.

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Feeling Feminism

Activism, Affect, and Canada’s Second Wave

Feeling Feminism is a groundbreaking collection of interdisciplinary scholarship on second-wave feminist history and feminist social movements in Canada that puts emotions at the centre of the story.

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Liquor and the Liberal State

Drink and Order before Prohibition

Cultural pastime, profitable industry, or harmful influence on the nation? Liquor and the Liberal State explores government approaches to drink and drinking in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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Reckoning with Racism

Police, Judges, and the RDS Case

Reckoning with Racism is a riveting account of Canada’s most momentous race case, which drew in the country’s first Black female judge and spotlighted racist police practices.

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Globalization, Poverty, and Income Inequality

Insights from Indonesia

Globalization, Poverty, and Income Inequality uses diverse empirical approaches to reveal the sometimes unexpected effects of trade and globalization on poverty and inequality.

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Small Bites

Biocultural Dimensions of Children's Food and Nutrition

Small Bites travels the globe to show how biology and culture influence how children eat, and how child nutrition can be made more equitable and sustainable.

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Scandalous Conduct

Canadian Officer Courts Martial, 1914–45

Scandalous Conduct investigates the complex meanings of honour and dishonour as revealed by general courts martial and dismissal sentences in the Canadian officer corps during the First and Second World Wars.

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Constitutionalizing Criminal Law

Constitutionalizing Criminal Law explains why the Supreme Court of Canada’s jurisprudence considering the constitutionality of criminal laws fails to strike a principled balance between the need to increase the coherency of the criminal law while maintaining the legitimacy of judicial review.

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Revival and Change

The 1957 and 1958 Diefenbaker Elections

Revival and Change is a compelling account of the elections, accomplishments, challenges, failures, and ultimate end of the Diefenbaker era.

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Canadian Labour Policy and Politics

Edited by John Peters and Don Wells

Canadian Labour Policy and Politics serves as essential reading for students seeking to understand the politics of inequality in Canada’s labour market and the policy agenda needed for greater economic equality and a sustainable green recovery.

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Disability Injustice

Confronting Criminalization in Canada

In Disability Injustice, scholars and activists deliver a much-needed and long overdue analysis of disability and criminalization in Canada.

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Our Long Struggle for Home

The Ipperwash Story

By Aazhoodenaang Enjibaajig

In this disquieting story of broken promises and thwarted justice, the Anishinaabe of Stoney Point tell of the long struggle to reclaim their ancestral homeland, both before and after the Ipperwash crisis.

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In the Name of Wild

One Family, Five Years, Ten Countries, and a New Vision of Wildness

In the Name of Wild takes you on the five-year journey one family made across five continents to re-imagine the meaning of wildness.

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Religious Diversity in Canadian Public Schools

Rethinking the Role of Law

This comprehensive analysis of the legally complex relationship between religion and public schools will compel readers to reconsider the role of law in education.

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Pivot or Pirouette?

The 1993 Canadian General Election

Pivot or Pirouette? The 1993 Canadian General Election tells the story of the most surprising election in Canadian history.

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The Birds of Vancouver Island’s West Coast

A detailed account of the 360 species of birds recorded on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island and its offshore waters.

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