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Owls of the United States and Canada

A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Behavior

UBC Press
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The Inner Bird

Anatomy and Evolution

UBC Press
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Jim Burns' Arizona Birds

The University of Arizona Press

Arizona is renowned as a premier birding state, a place where many species rarely seen anywhere else in the country reach the northern end of their migratory range. Jim Burns' Arizona Birds is a lively portrayal of the habits and habitats of seventy-five of these unique southwestern species. Burns has written much more than a field guide, ...

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Wings in the Desert

The University of Arizona Press

There is a common but often unspoken arrogance on the part of outside observers that folk science and traditional knowledge--the type developed by Native communities and tribal groups--is inferior to the "formal science" practiced by Westerners.

In this lucidly written and humanistic account of the O'odham tribes of Arizona and ...

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Birds of Ontario: Habitat Requirements, Limiting Factors, and Status

Volume 2–Nonpasserines: Shorebirds through Woodpeckers

By Al Sandilands; Illustrated by Ross James
UBC Press

This volume and its predecessor condense the vast amount of literature on the nonpasserines of Ontario into a compact reference manual that will be essential to biologists, environmental planners, and serious birders.

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Among Penguins

A Bird Man in Antarctica

Oregon State University Press

An adventurous and witty account of bird scientist and photographer Noah Strycker’s stay at a remote field camp in the Antarctic studying Adélie penguins.

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