Patricia A. Gilman

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Birds of the Sun

Macaws and People in the U.S. Southwest and Mexican Northwest

The University of Arizona Press

The multiple vivid colors of scarlet macaws and their ability to mimic human speech are key reasons they were and are significant to the Native peoples of the U.S. Southwest and Mexican Northwest. Although the birds’ natural habitat is the tropical forests of Mexico and Central and South America, they were present at multiple archaeological sites in the region yet absent at the vast majority. Leading experts in southwestern archaeology explore the reasons why.

  • Publication year: 2022
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Mimbres Life and Society

The Mattocks Site of Southwestern New Mexico

The University of Arizona Press

Mimbres pottery has added a fascinating dimension to southwestern archaeology, but it has also led to the partial or total destruction of most Mimbres sites. The Mimbres Foundation, in one of the few modern investigations of a Mimbres pueblo, excavated the Mattocks site, containing about 180 surface rooms in addition to pit structures. Mimbres Life and Society details the Mattocks site’s architecture and artifacts, with 160 figures, showing more than 400 photographs of painted vessels from the site.

  • Publication year: 2017
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New Perspectives on Mimbres Archaeology

Three Millennia of Human Occupation in the North American Southwest

The University of Arizona Press

This book brings together experts on Mimbres archaeology to discuss our current understanding of the early occupation of the Mimbres region. Chapters highlight a variety of topics in their discussions of Mimbres society, including household and community organization, ritual, ideology, identity, and interaction.

  • Publication year: 2018
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