515 pages, 8 x 10
Release Date:01 Jan 1995

Physiological Ecology of Pacific Salmon

UBC Press

Every year, countless juvenile Pacific salmon leave streams andrivers on their migration to feeding grounds in the North Pacific Oceanand the Bering Sea. After periods ranging from a few months to severalyears, adult salmon enter rivers along the coasts of Asia and NorthAmerica to spawn and complete their life cycle. Within this generaloutline, various life history patterns, both among and within species,involve diverse ways of exploiting freshwater, estuarine, and marinehabitats. There are seven species of Pacific salmon. Five (coho,chinook chum, pink, and sockeye) occur in both North America and Asia.Their complex life histories and spectacular migrations have longfascinated biologists and amateurs alike.

Physiological Ecology of Pacific Salmon providescomprehensive reviews by leading researchers of the physiologicaladaptations that allow Pacific Salmon to sustain themselves in thediverse environments in which they live. It begins with an analysis ofenergy expenditure and continues with reviews of locomotion, growth,feeding, and nutrition. Subsequent chapters deal with osmoticadjustments enabling the passage between fresh and salt water, nitrogenexcretion and regulation of acid-base balance, circulation and gastransfer, and finally, responses to stress.

This thorough and authoritative volume will be a valuable referencefor students and researchers of biology and fisheries science as theyseek to understand the environmental requirements for the perpetuationof these unique and valuable species.


Preface W. Craig Clarke


Chapter 1 Energetics J.R. Brett

Chapter 2 Locomotion Paul W. Webb

Chapter 3 Growth A.H. Weatherley and H.S.Gill

Chapter 4 Nutrition and Feeding Habits in Relationto Life History Stage D.A. Higgs, J.S. Macdonald, C.D. Levings, andB.S. Dosanjh

Chapter 5 Osmoregulation W. Craig Clarke andTetsuya Hirano

Chapter 6 Excretion Chris M. Wood

Chapter 7 Circulation and Gas Transfer David J.Randall and Patrica A. Wright

Chapter 8 Stress and Tolerance U.H.M.Fagerlund, J.R. McBride, and I.V. Williams


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