Play Therapy
176 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 May 1994
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Play Therapy

Where the Sky Meets the Underworld

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Play is one of the most creative opportunities open to a child, and is becoming of increasing interest to therapists and others in the caring professions. This book examines how children develop skills in play as a way of being creative, and how they can use play as a therapeutic process by mirroring their own life experiences in their games.Ann Cattanach outlines the theoretical basis and provides guidelines for work in this area. She examines the role of the therapist, and the different methods involved in therapy, such as creative free play and task-based play. Also covered is the use of play therapy in different work settings, such as the education service, the social services, and hospitals.She discusses the needs of the therapist, including the importance of supervision. The book contains case studies and ideas for working with emotionally disturbed children, abused children, and children facing death. Also included are notes and stories for the refreshment of the therapist.
' excellent, stimulating read with a manageable style and numerous sensitive insights into the world of play for the child and how it can become a therapeutic process where children "play out" their perception of their own experiences...uses clear, straightforward language to discuss the theoretical basis for play therapy... The book does not make great claims as to its powers of healing, but it seems to offer a means towards constructively working through traumatic experiences for children.' - Nursery World'Cattanach packs a large amount of theory into this easy-to-read volume, together with practical guidelines on how to be a safe companion for the child's journey.'- Professional Social Work'This is an excellent introduction to an activity whose relevance is increasingly recognised and used, not least in the communication of good health practices.'- Institute of Health Education'This is a short and accessible work on a subject of considerable interest to many professionals. Cattanach uses the language of imagination and myth, rather than the more mundane style we have come to expect in works about therapy and teaching. However, she uses it with authority as an international expert.'- Child Language Teaching and Therapy
Ann Cattanach MSc, CSTD, RDTh, is Course Director, Play Therapy at Roehampton Institute and is co-founder of The Play Therapy Trust. She helped to develop the Dramatherapy course at the Akademie de Kopese Hof, Nijmegen, Netherlands and supervises the Play Therapy course in Athens run by the Centre for Dramatherapy, Theatre and Therapy. She works as a therapist for Harrow NHS Community Trust and acts as a Child Care Consultant/Therapist for several Social Service departments in London. She is the author of several books, including Play Therapy with Abused Children published in 1992 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
1. Play - A Mirror Into the World of the Child. Making sense of the world through play. Exploring the world of the awakening senses. Embodied play. My space in the world - what is 'me' and 'not me'. Making symbolic worlds. Playing the social world - dramatic play - learning the rules/breaking the rules. 2. Play Therapy. Using the Creative Expressive Play of the Child to Heal the Hurt. Playing the memories of the past. Playing an imaginary past - starting again. Re-making a world. Mending and healing. 3. The Roles of the Therapist. The social role of the therapist. The therapist as transference figure. The therapist as a character in the play. 4. Structuring the Play. Structure of the therapy. Settings and materials. Contracts with the child. 5. Methods and Processes in Play Therapy. Creative free play. Dramatic play. Task-based play. 6. Work Settings for Play Therapy. Play therapy in social services. Play therapy in the education service. Play therapy in hospitals. 7. The Adult Playground. Finding the roots of creativity. Creative-expressive play.
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