Ready, Set, Potty!
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Release Date:01 Oct 2010
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Ready, Set, Potty!

Toilet Training for Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disorders

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Toilet training a child with developmental disorders can present a vastarray of challenges, many of which are not associated with teaching aneurotypical child how to use a potty. In this book, Brenda Battsovercomes difficulties and provides tried and tested methods thatreally work, tailored to each individual child. Bursting with ideas onhow to see past conventional strategies and adapt toilet training tosuit your child, this book outlines methods that have helped even themost despairing of parents and caregivers. Examples of success rangefrom two year olds to adults aged twenty, and show that no matter howdifficult it may seem, a little creativity and adaptation can getanyone toilet trained, no matter how many previous attempts havefailed. The program itself is supported by plenty of helpful hints andtips, as Brenda covers all you need to get your child past the diaperstage and help them achieve a big step towards independence. This bookwill be essential reading for anybody looking to toilet train someonewith developmental disorders.

This book will be essential reading for anybody looking to toilet trainsomeone with developmental disorders.

Brenda Batts is a behavior consultant. She holds aMasters of Education with specialization in Exceptional StudentEducation.


1. Introduction - The road to independence.

2. Individualized Teaching.

3. Components of a Well-Structured Program.

4. Critical Questions.

5. Areas to Consider.

6. The Potty Plan.

7. The Beginning of the Process.

8. Steps to Potty Training.

9. Recap.

10. FAQs.

11. Closing Remarks.

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