Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision
314 pages, 6 x 9
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Release Date:01 Oct 2000
Release Date:01 Oct 2007

Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision

UBC Press

This book seeks to clarify postcolonial Indigenous thought beginning at the new millennium. It represents the voices of the first generation of global Indigenous scholars and converges those voices, their analyses, and their dreams of a decolonized world. -- Marie Battiste, Author.

The essays in Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision spring from an International Summer Institute held in 1996 on the cultural restoration of oppressed Indigenous peoples. The contributors, primarily Indigenous, unravel the processes of colonization that enfolded modern society and resulted in the oppression of Indigenous peoples.

The authors -- among them Gregory Cajete, Erica-Irene Daes, Bonnie Duran and Eduardo Duran, James Youngblood Henderson, Linda Hogan, Leroy Little Bear, Ted Moses, Linda Tuhiwai Te Rina Smith, Graham Hingangaroa Smith, and Robert Yazzie -- draw on a range of disciplines, professions, and experiences. Addressing four urgent and necessary issues -- mapping colonialism, diagnosing colonialism, healing colonized Indigenous peoples, and imagining postcolonial visions -- they provide new frameworks for understanding how and why colonization has been so pervasive and tenacious among Indigenous peoples. They also envision what they would desire in a truly postcolonial context.

In moving and inspiring ways, Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision elaborates a new inclusive vision of a global and national order and articulates new approaches for protecting, healing, and restoring long-oppressed peoples, and for respecting their cultures and languages.

Marie Battiste is a Mi'kmaq educator from Potlo'tek First Nations in Nova Scotia, Canada, and a professor in the Indian and Northern Education Program at the University of Saskatchewan. She is co-editor of First Nations Education in Canada: The Circle Unfolds (UBC Press, 1996).

Foreword / L.M. Findlay


Introduction: Unfolding the Lessons of Colonization / Marie Battiste

Prologue: The Experience of Colonization Around the World / Erica-Irene Daes

Western Door: Mapping Colonialism

1. The Context of the State of Nature / James (Sákéj) Youngblood Henderson

2. Indigenous Peoples and Postcolonial Colonialism / Robert Yazzie

3. Hawaiian Statehood Revisited / Poka Laenui (Hayden F. Burgess)

Northern Door: Diagnosing Colonialism

4. Postcolonial Ghost Dancing: Diagnosing European Colonialism / James (Sákéj) Youngblood Henderson

5. Jagged Worldviews Colliding / Leroy Little Bear

6. Applied Postcolonial Clinical and Research Strategies / Bonnie Duran and Eduardo Duran

7. Transforming the Realities of Colonialism: Voyage of Self-Discovery / Ian Hingley

Eastern Door: Healing Colonized Indigenous Peoples

8. A Different Yield / Linda Hogan

9. From Hand to Mouth: The Postcolonial Politics of Oral and Written Traditions / J. Edward Chamberlin

10. The “Repressive Tolerance” of Cultural Peripheries / Asha Varadharajan

11. Processes of Decolonization / Poka Laenui (Hayden F. Burgess)

12. Postcolonial Ledger Drawing: Legal Reform / James (Sákéj) Youngblood Henderson

13. Invoking International Law / Ted Moses

Southern Door: Healing Colonized Indigenous Peoples

14. Indigenous Knowledge: The Pueblo Metaphor of Indigenous Education / Gregory Cajete

15. Maintaining Aboriginal Identity, Language, and Culture in Modern Society / Marie Battiste

16. Protecting and Respecting Indigenous Knowledge / Graham Hingangaroa Smith

17. Kaupapa Maori Research / Linda Tuhiwai Te Rina Smith

18. Ayukpachi: Empowering Aboriginal Thought / James (Sákéj) Youngblood Henderson

Appendix 1: Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of the Heritage of Indigenous Peoples

Appendix 2: Saskatoon Declaration of Indigenous Cultural Restoration and Policy Recommendations on Cultural Restoration



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