Reconsidering Radical Feminism
152 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Apr 2018

Reconsidering Radical Feminism

Affect and the Politics of Heterosexuality

UBC Press

What’s the right way to be a feminist? Heated feminist debates dominated the political discourse of sexuality in the 1980s and ’90s.

Reconsidering Radical Feminism is a clear, precise summary of these late twentieth-century feminist interpretations of the politics of heterosexuality. But it is more than that. Transcending the right/wrong approach of the feminist sex wars, Jessica Joy Cameron examines how we become invested in arguments that position us as particular kinds of feminists – and as gendered subjects. She maintains the post-structural position that heterosexual practices have no inherent or fixed universal meaning, while validating the radical feminist claim that they are often deployed as gendered strategies of stratification.

By using queer theory and affect theory as a lens through which to investigate the legacy of the feminist sex wars, Cameron reveals the timeliness of her subject in an era of campus debates about sexual assault, consent, and safe spaces.

Reconsidering Radical Feminism will interest students and scholars of feminist theory and sexuality studies. Sociologists, social theorists, and social psychologists whose research interests include gender and sexuality will also find this work illuminating.

Jessica Joy Cameron is a feminist theorist and visual artist. She lives in Waterloo, Ontario.

Introduction: Radical Attachments

1 Radical Deconstructions of Heterosexual Practice: Reading Heterosexual Intercourse

2 Naming Experience, Experiencing a Name: Discourse, Sexual Assault, and the Workings of Affect

3 Heterosexist Pornographies and Sex Work: Transgression, Signification, and the Politics of Shame

4 Paranoid Witness and Reparative Disengagement: Reading Feminist Writings on Heterosexuality

Conclusion: Ambivalent Attachments



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