Regionalism, Multilateralism, and the Politics of Global Trade
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Release Date:10 May 2000
Release Date:29 Nov 1999
Release Date:01 Oct 2007

Regionalism, Multilateralism, and the Politics of Global Trade

UBC Press

Two seemingly antithetical forces -- globalization and regionalism-- are shaping the contemporary world economy. Globalization isaccelerating interdependence on a worldwide basis. Regionalism attemptsto harness the pressures of globalization through strengthenedcollaboration among states, most notably in Europe through the EuropeanUnion, in North America through NAFTA, and in Asia Pacific throughAPEC. The rise of regionalism and an emerging interregional politicshas stimulated a lively debate about whether regionalism supports orundermines the global trading system.

The essays in Regionalism, Multilateralism, and the Politics ofGlobal Trade reflect this debate and give it focus. Thecontributors, all recognized experts, explore the changing relationshipbetween regionalism and multilateralism and examine the implicationsfor national policy in a global trading system. Their discussioncentres on four interrelated themes: the changing nature ofregionalism, emerging patterns of interregional relations, the evolvingrelationship between regionalism and multilateralism, and theimplications for state policy (particularly for Canada).

This rich and diverse collection of essays provides new insightsinto the complex and changing relationships between states and regionswithin the global trading order. They will be of interest to professorsand students of international relations, political economy, and tradelaw, as well as public policy makers, NGOs, and trade policyanalysts.

Donald Barry is professor of political science at theUniversity of Calgary. His publications include Canada'sDepartment of External Affairs: Coming of Age, 1946-1968, withJohn Hilliker (1995); and Toward a North American Community?Canada, the United States, and Mexico (1995). Ronald C.Keith is professor and head of the Department of PoliticalScience at the University of Calgary. His publications include Lawand Justice in China's Market Place (forthcoming);China's Struggle for the Rule of Law (1994); TheDiplomacy of Zhou Enlai (1989); and Energy, Security andEconomic Development in East Asia (1986).

Preface / Rt. Hon. Joe Clark




Introduction: Changing Perspectives on Regionalism andMultilateralism / Donald Barry and Ronald C. Keith


Part 1: Regionalism, Globalism, and the State

1. A Matter of Synergy: The Role of Regional Agreements in theMultilateral Trading Order / Michael Hart

2. Regionalism and the Evolving Global Trade System / Gilbert R.Winham

3. Globalization, Regionalism, and the Analysis of Domestic PublicPolicy / William D. Coleman and Anthony Perl


Part 2: Dynamics of Regional Integration

4. The European Union as a Regional System / Charles C.Pentland

5. The Dynamics of Integration in the Americas: A Look at thePolitical Economy of NAFTA Expansion / Robert K. McCleery

6. APEC's Evolving Trade Structure / Steve Chan


Part 3: Interregional Relations

7. The European Union and the United States: A New Balance ofInfluence in the Global Political Economy / Carolyn Rhodes

8. North American-Asian Relations, Asian Regionalism, and the Futureof Asia Pacific Regionalism / Charles E. Morrison

9. ASEM: Toward the Institutionalization of the East Asia-EuropeRelationship? / Richard Higgott


Part 4: Whither Canada?

10. Thinking Globally, Acting Regionally: Assessing Canada'sResponse to Regionalism / Tom Keating

11. The Pursuit of Economic Architecture by Diplomatic Means: TheCase of Canada in Europe / Denis Stairs

12. Playing by the "Rules"? Canada's APEC Policy /Ronald C. Keith and Patricia L. Maclachlan


Part 5: Summing Up

13. A World of Regions, or a Single Trade Order? / Charles F.Doran




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