Rights & Permissions

Note: For information about accessible additons, visit our accessible editions page.

Written permission is required from UBC Press if you wish to reproduce any of our material in your forthcoming publication. When requesting permission, please include the following information:

  • title of the source of the material
  • number of pages or number of words requested
  • page numbers where text can be found (if you are requesting artwork permission, please include the caption and page number where it appears in the book)
  • name of the publication in which you plan to use the material, as well as authors/editors
  • format of the planned publication (hardcover, paperback, e-book)
  • territory in which the work will be available
  • planned print run (for print materials)
  • planned publication date
A note on illlustrations: Rights to many of the illustrations and photos found in our publications are not controlled by UBC Press, but by a third-party rightsholder. If you wish to use an illustration, please consult the credit line and contact the rightsholder directly.

If your request is for use of material in a specific course, please see information here

Please direct all requests or inquiries to frontdesk@ubcpress.ca.
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