Sexuality and Relationships in the Lives of People with Intellectual Disabilities
Release Date:21 Oct 2014

Sexuality and Relationships in the Lives of People with Intellectual Disabilities

Standing in My Shoes

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Drawing extensively on personal experiences, this important volume looks at sexuality and relationships in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, painting a genuine picture of the range of sexualities and relationships people want.

Honest and reflective, it shows how sexuality has been managed and controlled in different countries. It explores a range of issues such as rights, resilience, protection, sexual oppression and the lack of privacy for those living in care institutions. Co-edited and with contributions by people with intellectual disabilities and allies, this unique book offers an authentic account of the challenges people face and what society needs to do to respect people's rights.

Providing insight into a morally, ethically and legally complex area, this book will be essential reading for people with intellectual disabilities, their advocates, families and supporters; social care managers, social workers, and other professionals working in the field as well as academic researchers and students.

This important book brings together contributors from across the world to remind us of the desires of, and the restrictions placed upon, the sexual lives of people with the label of intellectual disabilities. Combining an accessible writing style, with shared contributions from activists and academics, this text centralises sex and sexuality at the heart of a politics of intellectual disability. – Dan Goodley, Professor of Disability Studies and Education, the University of Sheffield, England
Rohhss Chapman, PhD is Lecturer in Learning Disability Studies at the University of Manchester and co-director of Carlisle People First Research Team and a member of the Social History of Learning Disabilities (SHLD) Group at the Open University. She is a Feature Editor at Learning Disability Today and has written widely on learning disabilities. She is co-author of Exploring Experiences of Advocacy by People with Learning Disabilities, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Rohhss Chapman lives in Cumbria, UK. Sue Ledger is the representative for The Social History of Learning Disabilities Group, which was set up in 1994 to research the history of learning disability in the 20th century. She is a visiting Research Fellow in the faculty of health and Social Care at the Open University. Sue Ledger has worked alongside people with learning difficulties in developing a range of support services in the UK and with two overseas projects. Sue is particularly interested in Person Centred Planning and the design of person centred teams in statutory services, housing and support planning for people with high support needs, health inequalities, consent frameworks and the protection of vulnerable adults. Louise Townson was a Women's Advocacy Worker with Cumbria People First and is currently co-director of Carlisle People First Research team and a visiting lecturer and Partnership Steering Group member of Learning Disability Studies at the University of Manchester. Louise lives in Carlisle, Cumbria and is a member of the SHLD Group. Daniel Docherty was previously a Co-ordinator for the Friendship Group in Manchester City and was on the board of the Manchester Partnership and involved in Manchester People First. He is a Visiting Lecturer and Partnership Steering Group member of Learning Disability Studies at the University of Manchester. He lives in Manchester, UK.
Introduction: Rohhss Chapman, Louise Townson, Sue Ledger and Daniel Docherty. Ch2: Stories from Around the Globe. Sue Ledger, Rohhss Chapman, Louise Townson. Ch3: Intimacy and Oppression: a Historical Perspective, Lee-Ann Monk, La Trobe University, Australia. Ch4: The Story of Ebba and Jonni: This is Our Story, Eyglo Ebba Hreinsdottir and Sigurjon Jonni Gretarsson with Guorun V.Stefansdottir. Ch5: I Would Have Broken the Law Several Times: Clare Inclusive Research Group, Ger Minogue, Martin Corry, Marie Deely, Patrick Kearney, Joe McGrath, Kathleen O'Leary and Pauline Skehan with Rob Hopkins and Kelley Johnson. Ch6: "Once in Six Weeks? That's Not a Relationship!", Our New Future Group with Toon Maillard. Ch7:The Paradox of Intimacy in Japan: Shifting Objects of Affection. Eiji Tsuda, University of Kobe, Japan and Takako Ueto. Ch8: The Maltese Odyssey, Claire Azzopardi-Lane with an introduction by Louise Townson. Ch9: 'Molly is Just Like Me': Peer Education and Life Stories in Sexuality Programs in Australia. Ch10: Emergent Themes from Part one, Sue Ledger, Rohhss Chapman and Louise Townson. Ch11: Law, Policy and Diversity: Exploring the Gap Between Rhetoric and Real Life, Sue Ledger, Rohhss Chapman and Louise Townson. Ch12: Promoting Sexualalities and Protecting from Abuse, Rachel Fyson with an introduction by Louise Townson. Ch13: Far more people were able to have sex lives: managing sex relationships and reproductive control. Jan Walmsley, Jan Walmsley Associates, UK and Nigel Ingham, Community Service Volunteers (CSV), UK. CH14: This is my Time, My Life, the Way I Am', Alice. Gay Women might need a Rainbow Fairy Group. Clare Miller, Adam Koronka, Lindy Shufflebotham with Sue Ledger. Ch16: Good as You Too(GAY2), Craig Blyth with Daniel Docherty. Ch17: 'I Have Been Blessed to Have a Very Good Support Worker': Experiences Related to Ethnicity and Diversity, Jakie Downer with Linnette Farquarson. CH18: The Final Frontier: Young People with Learning Difficulties and Sex Education, Ruth Garbutt with an introduction by Lyndon Strickland. Ch19: Women Like Soaps and Men Like Football': The Men's Room, Bill, Peter and Alan with Niall McNulty. Ch20: Intellectually Disabled People who Sell or are Sold for Sex in the UK: An Exploration, Craig Blyth and Rohhss Chapman. Ch21: Working in Partnership:The Editor's Stories, Rohhss Chapman, Louise Townson and Sue Ledger. Ch22: Emerging Themes from Part two, Rohhss Chapman, Sue Ledger and Louise Townson. Ch23: Re-Visiting the Research Questions and Future Recommendations, Rohhss Chapman, Sue Ledger and Louise Townson.
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