Speaking Up, Speaking Out
252 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Mar 2021

Speaking Up, Speaking Out

Lived Experiences of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty in Writing Studies

Utah State University Press
Speaking Up, Speaking Out addresses the lived experiences of those working in the non-tenure-track faculty (NTTF) trenches through storytelling and reflection. By connecting NTTF voices from various aspects of writing studies, the collection offers fresh perspectives and meaningful contributions, imagining the possibilities for contingent faculty to be valued and honored in educational systems that often do the opposite. Challenging traditional ways of seeing NTTF, the work contains multiple entry points to NTT life: those with and without “terminal degrees,” those with PhDs, and those who have held or currently hold tenured positions.
Each chapter suggests tangible ways that writing departments and supporters can be more thoughtful about their policies and practices as they work to create more equitable spaces for NTTF. Speaking Up, Speaking Out considers the rhetorical power of labeling and asserts why contingent faculty, for far too long, have been compared to and against TT faculty and often encouraged to reach the same or similar productivity with scholarship, teaching, and service that TT faculty produce. The myopic ideas about what is valued and whose position is deemed more important impacts contingent faculty in ways that, as contributors in this collection share, effect and affect faculty productivity, emotional health, and overall community involvement.
Contributors: Norah Ashe-McNalley, Sarah Austin, Rachel Azima, Megan Boeshart Burelle, Peter Brooks, Denise Comer, Jessica Cory, Liz Gumm, Brendan Hawkins, Heather Jordan, Nathalie Joseph, Julie Karaus, Christopher Lee, John McHone, Angie McKinnon Carter, Dauvan Mulally, Seth Myers, Liliana M. Naydan, Linda Shelton, Erica Stone, Elizabeth Vincelette, Lacey Wootton
This collection offers situated, detailed discussions of the lived experiences of non-tenure-track faculty, centering their voices and valuing their analysis and critique in ways too seldom seen in academic scholarship. . . . These are narratives that need telling.’
Amy Lynch-Biniek, Kutztown University

‘Every chapter has something in it that those of us who have been organizing/advocating and researching/writing about NTT labor in writing studies need to know.’
Seth Kahn, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Jessica Edwards is associate professor of English at University of Delaware, where she teaches critical race studies, composition, and technical and professional writing.
Meg McGuire is associate professor of English at University of Delaware, where she teaches digital, technical, and professional writing.
Rachel Sanchez is a career-track associate professor of English at Washington State University, where she teaches composition and technical writing.
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