Spirituality in Health Care Contexts
208 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:24 Jul 2001
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Spirituality in Health Care Contexts

Edited by Helen Orchard
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
'This is a very well edited book with a wide range of stimulating contributions. It asks some challenging questions about how far the Health Service is able to embrace a holistic approach to care, given its reductionist tendencies, where systems and structures often override the best interests and sensitivities of individual people. Orchard manages to draw out many key questions for chaplains about the nature of spiritual care and its delivery within the Health Service.'- Leveson Newsletter'Spirituality in Health Care Contexts is a compilation of papers, contributed by a wide and impressive range of authors, each writing from the perspective of their own particular considerable experience and expertise related to this general area. The organization of the book is thoughtfully and thoroughly undertaken by the editor, leading the reader helpfully and progressively through the exploration of the subject. Spirituality in Health Care Contexts is a gem of a book, with something in it for a range of readership, chaplains, nurses, doctors, hospital managers, academics, theology students, indeed everyone whose life in any way touches that of the modern health care institution.'- Reviews in Religion and Theology'This book is written by eminent authors and has an impressive bibliography.'- Magazine for the Association of Christian Counsellors'This book will prick at you, but also push you to grow. It also offers an extensive guide for references that will facilitate further study and discussion.'- The World Pastoral Care Center Review'... it engages theoretically and practically with three areas: 1) the organisational context with which spiritual care is provided, looking at how spirituality is manifested in a health care institution; 2) the work of spiritual care givers, focusing particularly on the development of professional and ethical aspects of practice; and 3) the social-cultural systems in which care is provided, including discussions of issues pertinent to Christian, Jewish, Muslim and "multi-faith" scenarios.'- Journal of Christian Nursing'I enjoyed this short, readable book exploring questions around the spiritual needs of hospital patients (and, briefly, staff). Fourteen chapters are accessibly written by authoritative contributors. Most of them, including the editor, are hospital chaplains, but in writing from different perspectives, they make for an overall sense of informed debate. The book will be stimulating, not only for hospital chaplains, but also for nurses, counsellors, managers, service providers and community spiritual leaders.'- Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal'This is a good book, one that takes the important debate in this area on more than a notch or two, and as such is well worth your pennies.'- Modern Believing'This "focus on chaplaincy" is what makes this book particularly important and compelling reading. Every chapter makes a useful contribution to current debates and will be of interest to chaplains. The style throughout is clear and straightforward which should enable other professions to gain insight into these issues.'- Journal of Interprofessional CareThis much-needed book makes a major contribution to current debates on spiritual care in a health care setting. Written by foremost researchers and practitioners, it engages theoretically and practically with three areas of interest:* the organisational context in which spiritual care is provided, looking at how spirituality is manifested in a health care institution* the work of spiritual care givers, focusing particularly on the development of professional and ethical aspects of practice* the social-cultural systems in which care is provided, including discussion of issues pertinent to Christian, Jewish, Muslim and 'multi-faith' scenarios.This book is an invaluable reflective tool for health care and religious professionals, as well as managers and policy makers seeking to improve the spiritual care of today's diverse patient populations.
Dr Helen Orchard is Honorary Research Fellow at Lincoln Theological Institute and Wilkes Fellow at Trent Palliative Care Centre, both part of the University of Sheffield. She is a graduate of the NHS Management Training Scheme and worked in the NHS for over ten years at hospital, health authority and regional levels. She is author of Courting Betrayal: The Dynamics of Violence in the Gospel of John (Sheffield Academic Press, 1998) and Hospital Chaplaincy: Modern, Dependable? (Sheffield Academic Press, 2000).
Introduction: Considering spiritual care: contexts and debates, Helen Orchard. Part One: Spirituality and Organisations 1. Spirituality and Religion: Chaplaincy in Context, Wesley Carr, Dean of Westminster. 2. Spiritual Institutions? David Lyall, University of Edinburgh. 3. Dumbing down the Spirit, Stephen Pattison, Cardiff University. 4. Speaking of the same things differently, Christopher Swift, Lincoln Theological Institute, University of Sheffield. 5. Discerning the spirits: Theological audit in healthcare organisations, Margaret Whipp, Medical Director, Hartlepool District Hospice. Part Two: Spiritual Care Professionals. 6. Walking on water? The moral foundations of chaplaincy, Mark Cobb, Central Sheffield University Hospitals NHS Trust. 7. Spiritual crisis? Call a nurse, Wilfred McSherry, University of York. 8. Are health care chaplains professionals? James Woodward, Court of Lady Katherine Leveson, Birmingham. 9. Towards competence: a narrative and framework for spiritual care givers, Martin Kerry, Nottingham City Hospital. Part Three: Cultural Dimensions. 10. Sociological perspectives on the care of minority faiths in hospital. Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Cardiff University. 11. Being there? Issues of presence and absence, equality and exclusion, Helen Orchard. 12. Health care: Islamic practice and Muslim needs, Mufti Faheem Mayet, Dewsbury Health Care Trust. 13. Spirituality from a Jewish perspective: The impact on healthcare, Martin van den Bergh, Visitation Committee of the United Synagogue. 14. No level playing field: The multi-faith context and its challenges, Andy SJ Lie, University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust. Concluding comment: Whither the spiritual care giver? Helen Orchard.
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