Sustaining the Forests of the Pacific Coast
264 pages, 6 1/4 x 9 1/4
9 b&w illustrations, 7 tables
Release Date:01 May 2001
Release Date:07 Nov 2000
Release Date:01 Oct 2007

Sustaining the Forests of the Pacific Coast

Forging Truces in the War in the Woods

UBC Press

Forests define the Pacific Coast in many ways. Culturally they arepart of the traditions of the First Nations; economically they havesustained an industry that has created settlements and wealththroughout the area. In the last twenty years, the forests have becomethe subject of increasing conflict, as economic interests clash withchanging social and political values. The war in the woods hasescalated, hardening battle lines and polarizing forest politics.

In this thoughtful collection of essays edited by Debra J. Salazarand Donald K. Alper, forest policy in the U.S. Pacific Northwest andBritish Columbia is examined in a binational context. While US andCanadian forest policy and forest management approaches differ, the twocountries face similar challenges and conflicts. Contributors discussthe evolution of forest exploitation, the response of timber companiesto U.S. federal environmental regulations, sovereignty for FirstNations communities, and the reshaping of the political economy offorests by global forces on both sides of the border. Groups usuallyignored in the forest policy debate -- such as First Nations peoples,workers in the emerging non-forest economy, and citizen activists --are also given voice in this fascinating compilation.

The contributors to Sustaining the Forests of the PacificCoast offer new perspectives that recognize the complexity of theissues and the diversity of interests in forest politics. A valuablecontribution to the ongoing debate over forest policy on both sides ofthe Canada/U.S. border, these essays analyze the challenges facingforest policy makers and open the discussion up to those whose voiceshave not been heard before.

Debra J. Salazar is a forest policy analyst.Donald K. Alper is the Director of the Center forCanadian-American Studies. Both teach in the department of PoliticalScience at Western Washington University.

Part I: Introduction

1. Politics, Policy, and the War in the Woods / Debra J. Salazarand Donald K. Alper

Part II: Institutions

2. How the Way We Make Policy Governs the Policy We Make /George Hoberg

3. International Dynamics of North American Forest Policy: FromBilateral to Global Perspectives / Thomas R. Waggener

4. Firms’ Responses to External Pressures for SustainableForest Management in British Columbia and the US Pacific Northwest /Benjamin Cashore, Ilan Vertinsky and Rachana Raizada

Part III: Voices

5. Forest People: First Nations Lead the Way toward a SustainableFuture / David R. Boyd and Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson

6. The Multi-ethnic, Nontimber Forest Workforce in the PacificNorthwest: Reconceiving the Players in Forest Management / BeverlyA. Brown

Part IV: Policy Innovations

7. A Crossroad in the Forest: The Path to a Sustainable ForestSector in British Columbia / Clark S. Binkley

8. Wildlife Conservation on Private Lands: Habitat Planning andRegulatory Certainty / R. Neal Wilkins

9. Multistakeholder Processes: Activist Containment versusGrassroots Mobilization / Mae Burrows

Part V: Conclusion

10. Digging Out of the Trenches / Debra J. Salazar and Donald K.Alper



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